Privacy Policy

The goal of is to protect all users and visitors of the website. We aim to make all visitors and users understand the kinds of information we collect and what we do with them.

Two Kinds of Information

General and Anonymous Information

Every time users visit the site, it s a common practice among websites to collect data such as: the IP address of the user, the browser that is being used to access the pages and the amount of time spent on individual pages. All these information are collected and analyzed to improve user experience.

Cookies are used to store information of the user while on the site and ceased when they leave. However, we still use “persistent cookies” once the user’s account has been established on the site to store login information. Although this can enhance user experience, they can still opt to disable cookies at any time.

User’s Individual Information

Anyone who created an account on the website has provided personal information that is encrypted and stored through a firewall. Other people can only access the information you wish to share like the first and last name and other public information you provided when you set up a profile. If any of this public information changes, you are obligated to inform us.

Contents Posted by the User

Contents published by the user are considered as public and unprotected. Any user can set-up his/her preferences and privacy settings to limit access to certain posts. However, this isn’t foolproof and we can’t guarantee that those contents set to private cannot be accessed by other people. Therefore, we should not be held responsible for any unauthorized access.

Deleted contents from personal or private pages should not be considered as fully removed from the site because they had been accessed by other users. The contents can still exist elsewhere on the site because other users may have shared them.

The Terms and Conditions Agreement the user agreed upon creating an account should be followed when posting contents. Any violation can block your access or permanent removal of your account. We shall inform appropriate legal authorities and participate in the investigation and prosecution if you have been found guilty of violating of any local, state or federal laws by the contents you published.

Invitations by Other Users

Every time users invite other people to join, they provide the site administrators with information such as their names and email addresses. In turn, we send out the invites, track acceptances and declines, and store the email addresses in our database. Anyone may contact us at any time if they wish to remove this information.

Age Restrictions

No one under 13 years of age may use or set-up an account on our site. We will immediately block access and remove the account once we discover users who will violate this rule until they have proven that they are over 13.

Users 13-18 Years of Age

Users in this age bracket should first get parental consent before signing up and sending out personal information. They should be guided accordingly before registering on our site or any website for that matter.

Users Over 18 Years of Age

Users 18 years and above may freely sign-up and create their account on our site at their own risk.

How We Use Your Information

When you set-up an account, you can choose what profile information to share and the contents or photos to publish. You can always set up your privacy settings or adjust your preferences. Once everything is set-up, you can access the site, visit other pages and interact with other users at your own discretion. We shall not be held responsible for any consequences of your actions.

If there is any new feature or announcements, we will contact you through the email address you have provided.

Disclosing Information with Third Parties

If the user can benefit from third parties involved, that is the only time we’ll share certain information. This will result in enhanced user experience such as tailored ads on your profile page.

We will not share your contact information without your consent. However, it can still be shared with third parties under the following circumstances:

  • When you purchase something online.
  • When you violate any of the Terms and Agreements or laws, we shall disclose all needed information with the legal authorities.
  • Transfer of ownership of the account to another user would also mean inclusion of all private information you have provided. In this case, you will be notified and be given option to delete the account.

Third-party Links

There will be links to third-party sites on our website pages. Much like signing-up at your own risk, you will also be held responsible in linking your account to third-party links on the site. When this happens, our terms and privacy policies are no longer in effect. We are not aware of these third-party sites’ terms and privacy policies and we do not endorse any of their contents, products and services.  Thus, we are not liable for the consequences of accessing those sites.

Updating or Deleting Your Information

You can update or delete any given information at any given time using our tools. However, like what we already mentioned, this doesn’t guarantee complete deletion of information especially when other users have accessed and shared it. Information can still exist elsewhere on the site.

Our Security Measures

Our servers are secured and our firewall protection is strong. We assure users that we do everything we can to protect all personal information. However, whatever you share with other users through emails and even private messaging is beyond our control.

All Terms are Legal and Binding

Users must agree with the Terms and Conditions Agreement and this Privacy Policy. Failure to read and understand these two agreements does not exempt any user from complying. Users will be notified if there are any amendments in the Terms and Conditions and/or Privacy policy. Any changes shall go into effect upon publication, and from that time forward, users are bound by them.