Terms and Conditions

This page is dedicated to the rights and responsibilities of the company and guests and/or users of the website, bestwritersonline.com. You are encouraged to read this document carefully and thoroughly. Once you enter the website, you are immediately bound to the terms and conditions stated below.

Important Definitions

Parties to this Agreement

The following terminoligies, “you,” “your” and “yourself” indicates the users who access  BestOfWriters.com website  for any reason.

While “we,” “us,” “our/ours,” or “ourselves” indicates the owners, administrators, and employees, or those affiliated with the website.

Other Definitions

Content:  Text, words, images, photos and other form of media found on the website.

Website:  The BestOfWriters.com and contents of the site

User Content:  Words, text, images, photos, videos, graphics, etc.posted by users on the website.

“third party”: any content posted or published on the BestOfWriters.com website by anyone, origins known or unknown and someone who is not defined as a “user” of BestOfWriters.com, but with content posted


The BestOfWriters.com as well as the administrators, employees or affiliates is authorized to make changes or revisions to any documents without prior notice at any given time. The said changes are effective once published on the website. With this, the user is responsible to be fully aware of these changes. After the changes, the document is binding on any parties who access the BestOfWriters.com

Use of the BestOfWriters.com Website

Eligibility: Users should be of legal age or must be 18 years old to sign into agreements, access, and use BestOfWriters.com.

Permission: BestOfWriters.com, the website allows permission of use to users. The website also serves the right to remove that said permission if if it is deemed necessary and appropriate.

Risk: Users and visitors of the website are permitted to utilize and publish content, at their own risk. The website and the owners, administrators, employees or affiliates are not responsible for any consequences held accountable by the actions of the visitor or users accessing and using BestOfWriters.com.

Changes, Suspensions, Disruptions: BestOfWriters.com serves the right to revise any content, procedures, and processes of the website without prior notice. They may also suspend operations and services at anytime without prior notice.

Personal Accounts: Users are required to make a personal account with minimal profile requirements. All acccounts are protected with password, hence the website is not held accountable for any consequences if the user shares the password with others. The website also serves the right to close any account within fair reason and cause.

One Account Only: All of the ssers of the website is only permitted to one account. If the user is discovered to have another account in a different name, he or she will not be able to access the website. She then will be banned. Furthermore, all accounts will be closed permanently.

Notifications: Once the account is set up, the user automatically binds to receive notifications from BestOfWriters.com. Any other information regarding this can be found in the website Privacy Policy.

User Published Content

Users are held accountable for the user content published on BestOfWriters.com. With this, the said content will automatically become public after being  published. Furthermore, the content has no guarantee of removal from any space on the website.

If discovered that the published content is fabricated, plagiarized, or violated any laws, the administrators of the website will take necessary and appropriate actions. This includes shutting down of accounts, banning the user of any access, and notifying the rightful law enforcement authorities.

No Exclusive Rights: All the users should recognize that they no longer have exclusive rights to the content once it is published. Furthermore, the website holds all right over its use and the content will also be considered public.

Copyright to Site-Published Content: The website holds exclusive rights to all content published by BestOfWriters.com. The said content  that will to be used elsewhere for non-commercial or commercial purposes except this website will not be permitted. If disobeyed, the website will prosecute users who will violate the copyright law.

Advertisements: BestOFWriters.com has the authority to post or insert advertisements and different content in any space surrounding the user’s content that’s published on the website.

Use of Content from RSS and/or Atom Feeds: Once the website decides to publish content with the following, the user is permitted to reproduce such on their websites and other social media accounts. Nonetheless, proper attribution and credit to the website should be provided. Moreover, publishing the content from our website does not mean that the BestOfWriters.com is in favor or is endorsing other content published on other websites.

Access to Your Content: Other visitors and users also have access to your content. They also have the authority to use it.

Policies and Guidelines

  1. The users of this website must acknowledge that they have already read and fully understand its terms and conditions stated in the said document.
  2. Furthermore, the website will share also your information to third parties if deemed necessary or if it is in accordance to any law enforcement agencies.
  3. The website will also take legal actions necessary and will also cooperate with any law enforcement agency if discovered that you are affiliated in any illegal activites or violated laws of jurisdiction.
  4. The website acknowledges the regulations of the Digital millennium copyright Act. To know further, please access the information at http://www.lcweb.loc.gov/copyright/legislation/dmca.pdf.
  5. The website serves the right to delete suspect content and close the user’s account if discovered that they had violated copyright law. However, the user also serves the right to appeal to the site adiministrators.
  6. The user is also obliged to alert the website administrators if they believe another user/s had violated laws by publishing content. This is so the administrators of the website can investigate and take necessary actions.
  7. If discovered that the copyright law is indeed violated, the website will then inform the content owner.

Third Party Presence on Our Website

Publishing advertisements, applications, and third party links is permitted in our website. But this does not suggest that the website endorses the product or service, or content of the third parties. Furthermore, if the user decides to link other websites to BestOfWriters.com, policies,  protections, and terms are deemed inoperative. When a user decides to link to other sites, it is at his own risk.

Indemnity and Hold Harmless Clause

Users must comply to hold harmless and indemnify the BestOfWriters.com website, its owners, administrators, employees and affiliates or any consequences. This applies to legal or other events that may happen when accessing our website. This is also applicable to any third party with products, services, or content, that users may enter, use, or purchase. If there are necessary legal fees obtained by the website, the user is to shoulder such fees.

Changes or Termination of these Terms and conditions

The wesbite has the authority to amend, change, or eliminate this document or several of the terms this enclose without prior notice. BestOfWriters.com website has the authority to terminate and block the user or any user’s content.

If such Terms and Condition are suspended and/or terminated, the user contect shall remain as property of BestOfWriters.com.

Entire Agreement

Such terms stated in this document are definite terms and conditions of the access of BestOfWriters.com website. Meanwhile, any changes or amendments of the said terms will be posted on the website.  Furthermore, the said changes will be effective once it is published.

Moreover, if there the website opted to change or eliminate several specific terms of this agreement, the other terms unchanged on the terms and conditions will remain valid. Should there be several legal entities who then determine that any of these terms are unlawful, all of the other terms will remain effective.