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Posted on Oct 18, 2022 (Updated: Apr 19, 2023)

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Methodology of the Selection and Review

When looking at different homework help websites, students must actively examine their services’ quality. If you want to find the best essay writing service to help with homework, you will need to consider a variety of factors that will ultimately help you choose the service that best suits your needs for your homework assignments.

To help you find the best homework websites, we looked at the factors that influence the overall experience college students get when asking for assistance with their test prep or college homework. Here are the factors we considered:

  • Subject Variety – Different homework websites specialize in certain subjects, but many work with a very wide variety of these. This means that they can assist students who need help with all kinds of homework assignments.
  • Quality of Services – The variety of subjects is great, but it doesn’t matter if the quality of these online homework services is poor. This is why we make sure to check the samples provided by these homework help websites and place test orders to see whether
  • Prices and Discounts – Most students have a tight budget, so they need homework websites with affordable and reasonable prices. Moreover, discounts can help students reduce their total expenses on college homework help.
  • Deadline Guarantee – When placing an order, students can choose how quickly they need to complete their textbook solutions or other homework assignments. Good websites to help with homework always offer deadline guarantees so students don’t worry about possibly being late with their homework submissions.
  • Security and Privacy – Besides having a deadline guarantee, we expect homework help websites to have other guarantees. More specifically, a good online college homework help service should ensure that all your payments are secure and your data privacy is protected.
  • Website Usability – The best homework help websites are the ones that aim to deliver the best experience to their customers. This is why website usability is another factor we considered, including how easy it is to navigate a website and place an order and whether the site is mobile-compatible.
  • Customer Service – Another aspect of customer experience that matters a lot is the quality of customer service. The customer support team needs to be available and accessible at all times. All customer service agents should be professional and helpful.
  • Communication – It’s essential for good customer support, but we also examined how writers and editors communicate with clients. They must listen to the students and always aim to do their best at their jobs.
  • Customer Reviews – Whether the homework help websites you are looking at are good can also be determined by checking the experiences of past clients. Customer reviews and feedback can help you better understand what a specific homework help service is like.

Rather than only looking at one or two things when determining the best homework help websites currently available to students, we looked at this long list of factors and tried to get the most accurate view of each service. In our homework help service reviews, we don’t aim to find the best homework help websites that don’t have any flaws because no service is perfect. We highlight the good and the bad of each online homework site and let students decide which one to order from.

Are Essay Writing Services and Homework Help Websites the Same?

In short, yes and no. Many people think that essay writing services and homework help websites are identical. However, this is not always the case. There are quite a few websites that solely offer essay writing services. And on the other hand, some websites specialize in homework help and nothing else. Let’s look at these different types of services one at a time.

First, there are essay writing services. These websites usually offer services for writing essays, dissertations, papers, and other academic written texts and assignments. Middle school students use these services until post-graduate studies because such websites often work with different education levels. In addition to writing papers from scratch, these websites can also offer proofreading and editing services for students who want someone to check the paper they already wrote themselves.

Next, there are homework help websites. These offer services for online homework assistance and can help you complete anything from math homework to chemistry lab reports to English essays. Such websites work with college students but also offer middle, high, and university services. There is an overlap between homework help services and essay writing services regarding written assignments like essays or papers. However, not every website offering homework assistance also offers services for writing essays, papers, dissertations, etc.

Once again, it largely depends on the specific website’s specialization and the kinds of writers and editors on its team. One more type of website you may have come across before is the type that offers online tutoring services. Such websites also work with students from middle school up until post-graduate studies, but they are still more popular with students at the college level and below.

Online tutoring websites can help you prepare for tests, catch up with your learning materials, etc. Tutors from these websites generally won’t complete your homework for you, but they can still help you with it. In this regard, there is also somewhat of an overlap between the services these websites offer and those offered by essay writing and homework help websites. Yet, it still depends on the service and the kind of homework assignment you have.

Will They Do It Right the First Time?

Every homework help website aims to provide the best quality of services. This is why the best homework assistance websites are known for delivering completed assignments on time and doing all the homework correctly from the first try. That being said, there are situations when you may need to request a revision. Here are some reasons why you may need several times to get your homework completed correctly:

  • Grammatical Mistakes – You noticed that there are grammatical mistakes in your homework. These could be grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word choice issues. You can request a revision so that the writer corrects these for you. It could be that the writer made these mistakes or the editor didn’t notice them.
  • Factual Mistakes – You noticed some things in your completed homework are incorrect. Maybe you compared the math solutions to those of your classmates and noticed that they are different and that there are mistakes in your solutions. You can request a revision and ask a different writer to work on your homework instead.
  • Missing Information – Your assignment has requirements that the writer didn’t satisfy, so there could be missing information in the completed homework. For example, a problem might have five questions, while the writer only answered three. Or you may have an essay assignment where you had to analyze each character from a specific novel, but the writer only analyzed five characters. You can request a revision and ask for the missing information to be added.
  • Additional Information – You like what you got but think there needs to be more information. For instance, you might want to ask the writer to add a more detailed explanation about how they solved a specific math problem. Or you might request the writer to expand on a certain argument they brought up in the essay. Ask for a revision and explain what the writer needs to add to your assignment.

In these situations, you can request a revision from the same writer who worked on your homework assignment or ask for the homework help service to change the writer. You can also ask several website editors to proofread and edit your assignment to ensure no mistakes.

Remember that you always have the right to request revisions, but you must check beforehand whether you will need to pay for them. Some services will offer revisions for free, while others will charge you an extra fee per revision. Still, most websites that help students offer at least one free revision that everyone can afford.

When requesting a revision of your homework assignment (and even during the first time when the writer is working on it), it is crucial to have proper communication between you and the writer. This way, you can explain what you expect in detail and properly communicate what you want from the writer.

Are Professors Involved in the Process of Doing My Homework?

It depends on the homework assistance service, but in most cases, professors are not involved in doing your homework. It depends on the kind of academic service you need, but when it comes to services for helping with homework, most writers are not professors. They all were students once (or are still studying).

The people working on your homework are often not tutors, teachers, professors, or instructors. This is something that sets homework helping services apart from online tutoring services. Many writers who help students with homework simply have the relevant education to know the topics students need help with. On the other hand, online tutoring services often hire actual teachers and professors because these people have both the knowledge and the teaching skills to do their jobs well. In this regard, essay writing services are similar to homework writing services. Both rely predominantly on educated professionals in different fields to complete students’ homework.

Online tutoring services hire professionals and actual educators while mostly working with the latter because such people have critical teaching skills essential for explaining information to students. Of course, who completes your homework also depends on your assignment type. After you place your order, you will be assigned a writer who fits your homework the best. This will be based on the subject of your homework, the educational level, the assignment’s complexity, and the assignment’s language.

When the homework help service gets your order, they will instantly check who among their team is best suited for completing your homework. If you need to write a book report at the middle-school level, anyone with a high school education and above can handle it. But if you have an assignment at the Master’s level, only someone with a Ph.D. can handle it properly. The same can be said about your homework’s subject and complexity.

For instance, you can have the assignment to solve Algebra problems at the high school level. A writer with at least a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics will be assigned to complete your homework because they have the right knowledge. Someone with a degree in English Literature or Medieval History cannot do your assignment properly.

These things are considered when choosing a writer to work on your homework. And because most homework help services have big teams working for them, you can expect to be assigned someone most qualified to complete your homework. Once your assignment is done, an editor will proofread and edit it – and they will also have the qualifications to do the proofreading.

Will I Get Caught? What Methods Will They Use?

One of the biggest worries students have is that they can get some kind of punishment if they get help with their homework. Well, it’s time to clear up some things so that you don’t worry about them without any reason:

  • It is completely legal to get academic assistance. Whether you need to write an essay, want someone to solve math problems for you, or are looking for a tutor to prepare for a test, you won’t be breaking the law by hiring a professional to help you. Your educational institutions may have certain rules and policies related to these things. Still, they are not enforced by the government, and don’t consider any of these actions criminal activity.
  • You can get punished by your educational institution, but only if you get caught. Schools let students hire tutors to help them with their studies, but many institutions don’t like essay writing and homework assistance services. Schools and universities tend to have rules stating that students can’t ask someone else to do their assignments. However, you won’t get punished unless caught, which is highly unlikely if you are careful.
  • Students who get help from homework assistance websites shouldn’t worry about privacy and security. This is because these services are interested in creating a safe environment for making payments and protecting the identities of their customers. They don’t want anyone to know that you got your homework completed by them because that means you might get in trouble. This is why they protect your data and even ensure their writers and editors don’t know your personal details or your name (you get assigned an identification number after placing your order).

As you can see, most worries students have are baseless. Firstly, you aren’t breaking the law. Secondly, not all types of academic services are punished by educational institutions. And thirdly, you will only get punished if you are caught, which is highly unlikely. Unless you tell people you didn’t do your homework alone, nobody will know that that is how you completed your assignments.

Students need help with homework for different reasons, and academic assistance services understand this. Some students don’t have enough time to complete the assignments because they are busy with other things. Others are overwhelmed by their studies or lack the skills or knowledge to do their homework. Whatever the case, you can always count on professional writers and editors to help you.

All the information related to you is carefully stored and protected by the homework helping websites to ensure that nobody finds out you ordered your homework to be completed by them. Writers also make sure to match their style and voice of writing so that it looks like they did their homework. You can even ask the writer to make some mistakes in your homework to make it look believable.

With this in mind, you can expect your teacher or instructor to think you did your homework. Nobody will find out you asked someone else to complete it. You can even ask for help from such services while you continue developing your skills and increasing your knowledge of the subject you have been struggling with.