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Posted on Apr 3, 2020 (Updated: Apr 14, 2023)

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Dissertations are huge projects and can take up to a year and even more to complete. This is because there are so many steps and tasks, not to mention writing the final product. And each step/task comes with its own challenges.

Common Dissertation Writing Issues

It is the rare dissertation writing student who does not hit “walls” during the dissertation production process, considering all that must be done.

  • Coming up with a research question that will be approved by an advisor. It must be scholarly, potentially contribute to the field, and perfectly written. This usually takes several tries.
  • Constructing a dissertation proposal that will provide an advisor and committee with a justification for the research, the research design, and what is the intended outcome of the research. Again, approval is required, and many students are stalled at this point because of committee members’ personal agendas.
  • Conducting the related literature review and saying a prayer that no significant study has been overlooked. Often, some are missed.
  • Setting up the research design to avoid as many constraints and nuisance factors as possible
  • Carefully collecting the data, so that it is credible and complete
  • Analyzing all of that data and reporting it in both textual and graphic ways. Expertise in statistical analysis is required that a student may not have.
  • Writing an engaging and compelling introduction and a conclusion that demonstrates the answer to the research question and the significance of the research to the specific academic field. These can be difficult to compose and may take several re-writes before approval.
  • Preparing an abstract that condenses months of work and 200+ pages of a piece down to a one-page brief.
  • Finding the right help when it is needed at any stage in the process. Students can spend weeks researching dissertation services and even then, end up with one that ultimately is not going to meet their needs, or, worse, one that is fraudulent and unethical.

Best Writers Online to the Rescue

Fortunately, Best Writers Online has made easy work of your search to find a reputable and custom dissertation writing service. Our ongoing research and evaluation of such services provide students with objective and factual information as they look for writing help, from essays, papers, reports, presentations, and all graduate-level projects, including dissertations.

We know that, when students are looking for the best thesis writing service or help with a dissertation, they need researchers and writers with expertise that far surpasses undergraduate levels. They need Ph.D. pros in their content fields who are current in their areas of research and who understand the structure, expectations, and scholastic composition skills appropriate for this major project.

We dig deep into the quality of dissertation writing services that provide this type of help, separate the “wheat from the chaff” and provide students with top recommendations based on a number of factors – prior customer feedback on off-site resources, comments, and evaluations that we solicit from former clients, deep research into the quality and credentials of Ph.D. researchers and writers, and more.

How to Pick the Best Dissertation Service for You

There are both general and specific factors for picking a dissertation company that will meet your needs.
In general, you want a service that:

  • Has PH.D. writers from accredited and reputable English-speaking universities.
  • Has earned overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers who have received dissertation help from that service.
  • Has a strong set of policies and procedures.
  • Requires continual communication between client and writer and sets up a smooth process for this.
  • Is available 24/7 should issues arise.
  • Delivers on time.

Specific to your need, you want the following:

  • A Ph.D. who has a significant background in your specific research area.
  • A service that lets you contract for only the help you need and prices that help accordingly. If you only want a literature review, for example, then there should be an upfront price for just that.
  • You want drafts sent to you in a timely manner so that you can approve or request changes.
  • You want your deadlines met, without exception.

Methodology of the Selection and Review

As explained earlier, finding the best dissertation writing services online requires thorough research so that you can be sure that your paper will be written by an experienced and qualified dissertation writer. To select our top picks for dissertation companies, we looked at a number of factors that determine their overall quality, including:

  • Variety of Subjects – How many subjects do they work with when writing dissertations?
  • Writing Quality – Whether the dissertation writers are qualified and experienced and the quality of writing is good.
  • Communication and Professionalism – Whether the writers and editors are professional and communicate with clients frequently and whether customer service is always available and ready to help.
  • Prices and Discounts – How much their services cost and whether they offer any discounts.
  • Privacy, Security, and Guarantees – Whether your data privacy and payment security are guaranteed and whether there are other guarantees (e.g. money-back guarantee, originality guarantee, deadline guarantee).
  • Customer Reviews – What customers say online about their experiences.
  • Website Usability – Whether it is easy to access the website from a mobile device, navigate it, and place an order.

By taking into account all of these factors, we were able to find the best dissertation writing services currently available to students. Though some of these factors are more important than others, all of them were necessary to determine which are the most excellent services currently offering their dissertation writing assistance to students.

Are Dissertations Writing Services Legit?

Students are often afraid that they will get scammed. You could be wondering, “Are dissertation writing services legal? What if I get expelled for hiring professional writers to help me? Will I get the best dissertation possible for my money?” All of these questions are valid and it’s actually good that you are asking them before paying anyone to write a professional dissertation for you.

Fortunately, contacting an essay writing service and paying a writer to work on your dissertation for you is perfectly legal, so you aren’t breaking the law. That being said, you can get expelled if someone at your university finds out that you didn’t write your dissertation on your own, so it’s best that you keep this information to yourself. Every writing agency guarantees that your identity will be protected, so you can be certain that nobody will know unless you tell someone yourself.

Most dissertation companies are legit and offer decent assistance for affordable prices. However, there are some agencies that are actually trying to scam students. This is why you need to be careful when choosing a professional dissertation writer. Always read dissertation writing service reviews to see if the writing company is legitimate. We make sure to warn students in our reviews if there is a suspicious writing service.

How Fast Are the Dissertations Written?

Because dissertations can take a lot of time to plan, research, and write, you should set realistic expectations. Even professional dissertation writers can’t complete your paper quickly, especially if you have a high word count requirement.

Most likely, the best dissertation writing service you find will have a minimum number of days required to complete a dissertation. Some papers can take weeks, months, or even years to complete, but many professional and experienced writers from thesis writing services will be able to write your dissertation much faster than you can.

Is It Safe to Pay for the Dissertation Writing?

As explained earlier, some dissertation agencies might not be legit. In fact, you might come across many writing agencies that are scams before you find a writing company that will be real and will readily complete your dissertation for you.

Luckily, we make sure to check every writing service. In every review posted on our website, you will find the most detailed information about each service, including how safe it is to pay them.

Do They Provide Discounts for Volume?

The short answer is yes. The best companies aim to provide the best quality and benefits to all their clients. This is why many writing companies offer various discounts and even free products and services.

One such discount is the discount for volume. The longer your dissertation is, the less you will be charged per page. Other discounts you might come across include first-order discounts, returning customer discounts, extra revision discounts, and more.

Are All Their Writers Ph.D. Level?

Most writing agencies have mixed teams with writers, researchers, and editors all working together. These professionals have the relevant credentials and qualifications allowing them to provide professional academic services to students like you.

But don’t be surprised to find out that they have different education levels. For instance, one writer could have a Master’s degree while another one could have a Ph.D. Writers are assigned orders based on their qualifications, so all the dissertation writers hold Ph.D. degrees. On the other hand, many writers handling high school assignments have Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

How Many Revisions Are Usually Allowed for the Dissertation Chapter?

It depends on the dissertation team, but the number is virtually unlimited. You could be requesting revisions again and again until you are satisfied with your dissertation. Writing agencies are there to provide you with the best quality, so if you aren’t satisfied, they will rewrite and edit your dissertation (and even change your writer if you request it).

A different question is whether you will have to pay for these revisions. Some writing companies offer one or two free revisions and then ask you to pay for any extra revisions you request. Others offer free unlimited revisions. Choose the best writing agency for your dissertation depending on your budget.