Best Essay Title Generator in 2023

Students all over the world have to complete assignments regularly, which can be both stressful and overwhelming. This is why many students start looking for the best essay writing service from which they can hire experienced professional writers. A writer like that can help you create your essay from scratch or can help you proofread and edit the paper you wrote already. Whatever the case is, working with a professional academic writer is the best way to ensure that you complete and submit your assignment on time and get a grade on it.

Nevertheless, working with an academic writer is not the only way you can write high-quality essays successfully. Using different tools to help you will enable you to streamline your writing process and even improve your writing skills over time. Indeed, there are quite a few tools that you can already start using today for free. For example, essay title generators. A paper title generator can help you come up with ideas, check different topics, and see variations on your chosen topic.

For this list, we chose three powerful essay title generator tools that can help you in the writing process. We considered a variety of factors when choosing the tools to find the best ones of their kind. Above all else, we looked at the quality of these tools – how fast they are, how many topics they suggest, how relevant and useful the topics are, and so on. Without further ado, here are the best essay topic and title-generation tools for writing better academic papers.

How to Choose the Best Essay Title Maker

Different students have different needs and preferences when it comes to research papers and assignments they are working on. This is precisely why you need to consider your own situation and make a choice based on your circumstances. For instance, if you are writing an argumentative essay, then you will need a title maker that can generate a title or topic that fits your type of paper.

A good way to understand whether a specific essay topic generator is for you is by testing it. All three tools on this list are free, so you won’t have to pay for trying out any of them – and you can use them as many times as you wish. Consider the pros and cons listed for each paper title generator and then try the one you feel most interested in. Then, if you aren’t satisfied with it, you can try other tools too.

#1 Trust My Paper

TrustMyPaper's title generatorTrust My Paper is a well-known and beloved research paper writing service that has a free paper title generator on its website. The writing agency has a dedicated team of writers and editors helping students across different educational levels complete their assignments on time. It is by far one of the best research paper writing services at the moment. Another reason why it is so beloved is that it has affordable prices and discounts and offers a number of free tools on its website, including a plagiarism checker, a conclusion generator, and a paper title generator.

Its free essay title generator is quite straightforward, so it won’t take you a lot of time to figure out how to use it. You need to input the keyword for your essay topic and choose one of the disciplines from a drop-down menu. These include everything from Art to Journalism to Economics to Engineering. Click the “Search” action button and you will get a short list of creative titles related to your keyword and subject.

Some of these essay topic suggestions are fairly broad, so you will need to narrow them down or use them for further brainstorming. Other suggestions for your academic paper can be quite precise, so you won’t even need to alter them. Once again, it all depends on your keyword and subject. You can also try different related keywords or synonyms to get a wider variety of essay topics and title suggestions.

What’s great about this essay topic generator is that you can instantly order your essay to be written by a professional academic writer. Next to each generated title, you will find an action button that reads “Get Help With Essay”. After clicking it, you will be directed to the order page where you can provide the details and requirements for your assignment and let one of the writers at Trust My Paper handle it for you. It is an ideal solution for someone who doesn’t have enough time to write their essay on their own.


  • The design of the website is very user-friendly, so it’s easy to figure out how to use the essay topic generator.
  • The tool is offered by a writing service, so you can immediately order your assignment to be completed by a professional academic writer.
  • There is a very wide range of subjects to choose from, so you will definitely find your field of study.


  • The list of suggested topics and titles is quite short (though you have the option to generate more by using the tool again).
  • Some essay titles can be less precise than others and will need to be narrowed down for you to be able to use them for your assignment.

#2 INK

INK title generatorINK offers a number of essay search and writing tools, including a free essay title generator. You can easily use its essay title generator online for free along with other tools, but they also offer paid options for upgrading. The title generator for essays on their website is more detailed than Trust My Paper’s and equally useful for generating topics and titles on different subjects and for different types of essays and academic papers.

On their essay idea generator page, you will find a short form that you will have to fill out to get suggestions for your assignment. The first field called “Brief Concept” is required while the other three fields (“Brand Name”, “Audience”, and “Tone of Voice”) are optional. First, you will need to briefly explain the concept or topic of your essay in 400 characters or less. Then, you can fill out the other three fields if you want to.

Notice how the “Brand Name” field is not academic – this is because the tool is universal in use, so you can generate all kinds of titles, topics, and headlines. Both students and other types of writers (e.g. content writers) use INK’s writing tools which is why it is so popular among different demographics. After clicking “AI Write” at the bottom of the form, you will be asked to create a free account using Facebook, Google, or Microsoft.

It is worth noting that deleting your account is easy, so don’t hesitate to create one in the first place. It is simply a requirement for you to be able to use this essay idea generator, but INK realizes that not everyone wants to keep their account. In case you want to delete it after using INK’s writing tools, go to your account settings and choose the option to delete your account that appears at the bottom of the page.

When using INK’s essay topic generator, you will be directed to a page where both your search request and results are displayed. You will get around ten topics suggested to you at a time, but you can run the tool again with a different topic description to get more paper title ideas. At the top right corner of the search results, you will find three helpful action buttons. One allows you to view history, another one is for clearing results, and the third one is for copying all generated topics.


  • INK offers a number of free writing tools for different purposes, and you can use them all from one account.
  • It’s easy to delete your account after using the tools if you don’t want to keep it.
  • There are more fields that you can fill out to get a wider variety of topics, and titles suggested to you.
  • There are action buttons to quickly view history, clear results, or copy all results.


  • You will need to create a free account to be able to use the essay title generation tool.
  • If you want to get more capabilities, you will need to upgrade to one of the paid plans.

#3 Capitalize My Title

Capitalize My TitleCapitalize My Title also offers a number of free writing tools that anyone can use. As the name suggests, you will first get a tool for title capitalization on the home page, but you can click through the menu to use other tools, including a free paper title generator. Among other things, the tools available on the website include a word counter, a grammar checker, a headline analyzer, and more. It is a great website for students and writers alike.

The creative essay title generator on Capitalize My Title’s website is limited compared to the other two tools on this list. That being said, the list of topics and essay titles you can choose from is much bigger. Moreover, the topics are sorted by the type of essay they can be used for, including persuasive, descriptive, argumentative, narrative, and expository essay formats. These categories make it easier to find a topic or title that will be suitable for your specific assignment.

On the essay topic generation page, you will find a simple drop-down menu to choose what kind of title or topic you want to generate: essays, anyone, business, couples, and family. This makes the tool suitable both for students and other kinds of writers, but it is still somewhat limited in the kinds of suggestions it provides. After choosing “Essays” from the menu and clicking “Generate Random Essay Title”, you will get an essay title suggested to you. You can keep clicking the button to generate more and more different titles.

On the same page right under the tool, you will find an extensive list of essay topics on all kinds of subjects. The topics are divided into sections and worded in a way that corresponds to their format. For example, a descriptive essay title sounds like a statement (e.g., “The person who influenced me the most”), while an argumentative essay title sounds like a question (e.g., “Should working moms be given special privileges?”). Keep in mind that all of the topics and titles on this list vary by complexity so that you can find topics for primary students as well as for college students.

Compared to the other two tools, Capitalize My Title’s essay topic generator is limited. However, it will still be very useful, especially for assignments where you are free to choose a topic yourself. In this case, the tool will be invaluable to you for brainstorming all kinds of ideas that you can use for your essay. Moreover, compared to the other two tools, it will be more suitable for primary and middle school students.


  • There is an accessibility menu at the bottom of the page where you can customize your experience. It is particularly helpful for users with limited capabilities (e.g. users with dyslexia).
  • The topics and titles on the provided list are categorized by essay format which makes it easier to choose the kind of title that will be most fitting for your assignment.


  • The website design can look somewhat outdated, and ads on the website are distracting.
  • There are no options for customizing the essay topics and titles that you can generate, so you can only choose from the list of topics suggested to you or keep generating random essay titles until you get something related to your topic assignment.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the best free essay title generator for your assignment depends entirely on your needs and preferences. If you want a long list of all kinds of topics, then Capitalize My Title is for you. But if you want something more specific, then you will likely find Trust My Paper and INK more helpful. All three of these essay title generation tools are free, so you can try them out one by one before you decide which one works the best for you.

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