2023’s Guide to Essay Writing Services to Avoid

Finding the right essay writing service for your needs can be both challenging and time-consuming. That is precisely why so many students simply choose to go with the first college paper writing service they come across.

Essay writing services to avoid
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  • Constantly missing deadlines
  • Threatens its customers with expulsion
Essay writing services to avoid

We gathered a list of online essay writing services that have been rated with the lowest score, which not only means poor service but can also be dangerous. We’re constantly looking for such services and immediately add them to our list of writing services to avoid them, so you are aware and do not waste your time and money.

However, this is absolutely not the right thing to do. Ordering research papers or essays from a paper writing service you have done no research on could be extremely risky. You don’t know if the prices are appropriate, the quality is good, and so on. To help you find legit essay writing services, here is a short guide and an explanation of how to avoid the risky ones.

Report an Essay Writing Service

Before we get into the different essay writing services and explain which ones can and which ones cannot be trusted, it is important to note one thing. If you come across an essay writing service that seems suspicious (or if you actually had a bad experience with a particular college essay writing service), then you should definitely let others know about it.

Using the reporting button on our website, you can report academic writing services that are scams or deliver poor quality. This way, we can spread the word about such paper writing services and inform students so that they don’t fall into the trap of ordering papers from them. You can also leave reviews on different websites explaining your experiences with such essay writing companies that are scamming customers.

Reasons We Add Writing Services to This List

So, how exactly do we know that a particular essay writing service cannot be trusted? There are many reasons why even the top essay writing services could be added to this list. In fact, even essay writing services with seemingly professional essay writers working for them may not be legit essay writing companies.

This is precisely why we consider various factors when determining which essay writing services are scams and which ones are legit. We look specifically at quality, customer service, security and trust, and payment and money.


First and foremost, the quality of work delivered by an essay writing service can easily give you an idea of whether that service is worth your time and money. Legit essay writing services are true to their word and can deliver high-quality work consistently, irrespective of whether you are a new or a returning customer.

Of course, professional writers can even be found working for essay writing services that are scams, but the poor quality of work is still a dead giveaway. And besides, truly good essay writers tend to leave scam essay writing services fairly quickly once they realize what kind of company they are working for.

Customer Service

Another aspect we consider is customer service. The best paper writing service you come across in your life will likely have outstanding customer support and service, often the result of years of trial and error.

On the other hand, services that are not legit essay writing companies usually don’t care about the quality of their customer support. They only want to get money from their clients, so they don’t even bother providing good service.

Security and Trust

One more decisive factor is security and trust. The problem is that some services can look trustworthy at first, but once you order something from them, they could reveal their true nature and become the worst experience in your life.

Students usually share their experiences online, so we make sure to find these services and spread the word about their maliciousness. Such paper writing services threaten to expose students to their universities and demand money in return for being silent.

Payment and Money

The last but equally important factor we look at is payment and money. Students generally don’t have much money in the first place, so the security of their payments and affordable prices are crucial for choosing the right service.

Moreover, we know that some paper writing companies won’t give refunds and don’t have a money-back guarantee. These services are not to be trusted because students can never know how much they will end up paying for a piece of writing that could turn out to be worthless.

Why Trust Us

Now that you know how we choose legit essay writing services and find essay writing services that are scams, you may still be hesitant to trust us. Indeed, why should you? Well, that is because our main goal is to ensure that students can progress in their academics successfully with the help of essay writing services online.

We know that many professional writers at legit essay writing services work daily to deliver the best academic writing to their clients. Students are happy with their work and can get better grades as a result. But to ensure that any student can find a good and legit essay writing service, we realize that there needs to be a website like ours that could show students which essay writing services can and should be trusted.