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99papers.com is an online writing service with a great reputation and a lot of positive PapersHelm reviews on the Web. It’s a company with a good team of writers, great customer support, and very affordable prices. The only problem is that they have a bidding system, and the writers set their own prices. That makes it impossible to compare the prices with other services. We tried to find out how much one essay costs on 99papers.com by placing an order. We got a writer who offered to complete a college-level paper in 8 hours, and we chose this option because we had a short deadline. The paper was delivered on time, but it was far from being perfect. The paper lacked some important references and was full of grammatical errors. We asked for revisions, but the writer ignored our messages.


99papers offers academic writing, admissions services, dissertation services, copywriting, editing, math/science/physics/statistics problems, resume services, and resume/CV services. They also offer business writing and proofreading.

The main focus of 99papers.com is on academic writing. They have a team of writers that are experts in a variety of subjects and can help you with your assignments. However, they are not experts in every subject, so it is important to check the details of the service before you order. The site has a big list of papers to choose from, so you can get help with any assignment you need. You can also check the writers’ profiles to see what other customers think about them. We ordered a simple essay and were disappointed with the results. We ordered an argumentative essay and were disappointed with the result. We did not get a paper with a great argument and we did not get the writer with a degree in the area of study we needed. The writer was clearly not an ENL.

We ordered an argumentative essay on a history topic and we did not get a paper that we could have written ourselves. The essay did not include all of the resources we required. It was not formatted properly, and we did not get a bibliography. We also did not get a free revision because the paper was not plagiarism-free.

We did receive a free revision, but it was not satisfactory. We did not get any revisions because we did not get what we asked. We were also told that we should contact the customer support to ask about the revision. This is not a good way to handle customers because it can take a long time for them to get the paper revised. We would suggest that they improve the customer support department to make it faster and easier to get revisions. We also found that the 99papers.com reviews on their site are not very good. We did not find any customer reviews on their site that would confirm their good reputation.

Prices and discounts

The price is very important when you are looking for a writing service. You want to find a company that offers the best deal for you, so you can afford it without worrying about the quality. This is not the case with 99papers. They have a bidding system, so you have to choose the writer and then you will be charged. The starting price for a paper is $10.99, which is a good price for a simple essay, but the price goes up depending on the academic level, urgency and the number of pages you need. The price per page for a dissertation starts at $23.99, which is very expensive, especially when you consider that you need to pay for the entire dissertation.

There are no discounts offered on 99papers. You cannot use a discount code to reduce the cost of your paper, but you can use the loyalty discount program. It gives you a 5% discount for every order you make and you can use it on your future orders. This is a nice program that gives you a good price for your paper, but it only lasts for a maximum of 5 years. You will need to spend a lot of money to get a lifetime discount.

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