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Classy Essay is ranked number 14 on our top list, which is gathered to nominate the best essay writing service. They have successfully established a good reputation among students. Still, we felt it would be a good idea to educate new students about this writing company and to see for ourselves, ‘Can this writing service be trusted? Are they as good as we’ve heard?’ To find out, we took the following steps:

  • Obtained a paper to evaluate
  • Explored the website
  • Sought out feedback from students who have used this service
  • Interacted with customer support
  • Read online reviews and testimonials
  • Reviewed policy pages and other documents
  • Verified the process of placing an order and making payments
  • Searched online mentions for significant complaints or legal issues
  • Compared prices with similar service providers

As always, we want to be objective and thorough. Here are the criteria we considered when writing this review.

  • Writing quality
  • Writers’ expertise
  • Customer service
  • Website design and navigation
  • Prices and discounts

Keep reading to learn more about our experiences with classy essays.

Advertised Products and Services

We quickly noted that there is a wide array of services here. Business customers are offered copywriting services. Job seekers can get help with resumes, CVs, and cover letters. their academic writing services include essays, research papers, term papers, admission essays, lab reports, critiques, problem-solving, and thesis and dissertation assistance. They also offer editing and proofreading services. when you place your order, you may also request add-ons such as a top-tier writer or enhanced editing services. We were impressed with the variety of products and services and found them quite competitive here.

Quality of Products/Writers

We obtained an essay to review written for a college student with a two-week deadline. We learned from our source that it was the appropriate length, stuck to the given subject, used the correct number of resources, and was delivered on time. We read the essay, and we’re also able to confirm that it was insightful, well-written, and provided well-thought-out arguments. We did not find any significant spelling or grammatical errors. The sources were properly cited.

According to the online reviews and testimonials we read, students are largely satisfied with the writers here. They can communicate with them directly, and the sentiment overall was that the writers are professional and well-qualified.

Customer Support/Service

The same testimonials and reviews mentioned above were also complimentary regarding customer support here. We also engaged with customer service representatives online as part of navigating the writing service website. Then our experience with these reps was professional and responsive. They answered our questions easily and assisted us in finding the information we needed.

We also took some time to read the policy documents published on the website. The company has clear guarantees that every document will be original, delivered on time, and written according to the customer’s instructions. furthermore, the privacy policy document details how customer information is collected and stored, its use, and customers’ rights regarding their information. This site allows customers to control what information is retained and appears to be GDPR compliant.


Prices here start at an average of $14.99 a page. This is for a college-level essay. These prices vary by grade level, document type, and deadlines. Also, students May pay more if they purchase add-on products.

There are several discounts available. One of the most popular is a 15% savings for first-time customers. We were also told to regularly check for special holiday discounts and other offers.

Final Verdict

We considered all of the judgment factors mentioned above very carefully. In this case, we simply could not find any negatives. Because of that, we are happy to endorse this writing service. Students who need writing assistance should give this company a chance.

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Very good

never thought i'm gonna have to use such a service but now I regret I didn't. classyessay is simply awesome. gonna stay with them for a while for sure!

Fast delivery

Had an urgent English research paper last week so I addressed this site. Was completely satisfied with what i've got. Infinite thanks!

Worth the money!

this service is totally rad, my friends!! work for the result. I've never seen such dedication in a service like this before. DAMN! can't say more to recommend these guys enough!

high level of professionalism

such a high level of professionalism at everything here. the site is neat, customer support is quick, polite and understanding. and the papers are really great. it might seem expensive but its toally worth it imo


As a student having two side jobs, I gotta say this service was absolutely necessary for me. and after i got a few really good works back here, I say its obligatory. JUST GO FOR IT!


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