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This review is on This is a fairly long standing writing service that has clients in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, and other countries and territories. In order to ensure that this summary is fair and thorough, we took several steps. These included:

  • Placing an order for an academic essay
  • Reviewing the web content
  • Researching the company on the internet
  • Verifying that the company is not a fraud or scam according to the BBB

Advertised Products And Services offers a full range of writing services. Their clients include high school and college students, business professionals, and job seekers. Writing for students is divided into two major categories. The first is academic writing. This includes products such as essays, reports, research papers, thesis and dissertation chapters, lab reports, critiques, term papers, and more. The second is ‘Admissions Services’. This is the devision that assists students with scholarship essays, college application essays, and personal statements.

Get Good Grade offers a variety of services to business professionals. On the list of services, we saw press releases, proposals, web content, copywriting, along with several other options. We spoke with customer service who ensured us that GetGoodGrade can pretty much meet any business writing need.

Finally, there are job seeker services. These services include writing and editing of resumes, CV, and cover letters. They also help clients to create professional LinkedIn profiles.

We believe the company has done an admirable job of offering up a variety of useful services. We’ve also read multiple customer reviews and testimonals indicating the same thing.

Quality of Products/Writers

We believe that the rating for product and writer quality is the single most important element of any review. We purchased an academic essay for a college student, and selected our standard two week deadline. We received our paper a few days early, and were quite satisfied with what we received. The writer tackled our subject matter expertly, and managed to follow our instructions to the letter.

Further, our interactions with our writer were more than satisfactory. They were polite, helpful, and offered many suggestions to improve our essay.

Customer Support/Service

We spoke with customer service several times. We used both the toll free number as well as chatting online. Each time, our questions were answered quickly and thoroughly. Every agent was polite and personable.


We paid just under fifteen dollars per page for a college level essay. These  prices are completely reasonable and well within industry standards. In fact, we would have paid more given the quality of writing and customer service.

On top of this, there are several discounts available. We were able to use a promo code for fifteen percent off, because we were first time customers. There were several other coupon codes available when we placed our order.

Additional Benefits

There are several bonus services that can be ordered. These include cover letters, originality reports, enhanced customer support, and bibliographies. We can also state that the GetGoodGrade website is full of great content. We especially enjoyed reading the blog content, which we think would be particularly interesting to students.

Final Verdict

After weighing all of the pros & cons, we are very happy to endorse Get Good Grade fully. Students and others should feel absolutely confident in using this online writing service.

Their name speaks for itself. It`s easy to become an A+ student if you order paper writing assignments at theirs. I do, and I`m happy about that))


This is quite awesome custom writing resource that performs amazing job with college papers for students of any kind. Lots of respect and high fives!


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Customer reviews

Rating 3.7

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Very good
Quality is 50-50

I not the happiest with their services. Last year the work they delivered was great, however I provided an essay, almost the same I asked for, thus it was very easy to write it based on that basically copy paste and change some stuff up. That was indeed acceptable and got a good feedback. However, when it comes to thesis preparation, I felt they were lacking big time. They kept telling me they needed more pages and asked me to pay high amounts. Mind that I asked a 7 pages research proposal only, not the thesis itself. I felt it was about getting my money, and I was not able to pay more and more every single time for the same paper. I will not come back with anything bigger than a simple essay as they are not up to the task for bigger research papers in my opinion.

I can`t imagine using any different resource forward.

It`s simple - if you want to get good grades GetGoodGrade will help. I already ordered two essays and a book report. The three orders were perfect, met the deadline and had the necessary components in them. Thus, I can`t imagine using any different resource forward.

I recommend this place.

Nice writing resource. I like that there are no hidden payments and they tell you straight at the beginning what you can get working with them (features, results, discounts, even the money back guarantee). Sometimes they miss the deadline for a couple of hours (as I browsed web it`s their regular mistake). Yet, placing order in advance helps to avoid any kind of problem. I recommend this place.


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