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SupremeDissertations has been around for several years. Its name suggests that its work is limited to dissertations, and that was our initial motivation to conduct a review – that, plus some reviews and feedback that users of our site have received. All that work has been done to place it number 5 among the best essay writing services list. As always, we have very specific criteria for evaluating all writing service companies. This supports our goal of providing consumers with factual information so they can make wise choices when selecting a service. Through our evaluations, we are looking for high-quality research and writing, reliable service, policies with guarantees, and, of course, customer satisfaction. Our summary of Supreme Dissertations follows.

Offered Products and Services

The name Supreme Dissertations suggests that this writing service is focused solely on helping graduate students with these culminating projects. And most of the content on the company website speaks to dissertations and theses.

Supreme Dissertations provides a complete range of academic products and services at all study levels, from high school. It offers basic essays, papers, reviews, and analyses, help with homework assignments, case studies, lab reports, and, of course, graduate-level projects.

Students can also order college application and scholarship essays, editing, and proofreading.

We have to ask why a comprehensive writing service has chosen a title that might discourage high school and undergraduate students from visiting the website.

Customer Service and Quality

Customer Service

These two factors are the “meat” of any writing service. When quality and service are both at high levels, customers can expect to be satisfied with the outcomes.

Contacting customer service agents has three ways: phone, email, and live chat. We did all three, asking detailed questions about the company, its policies, and specific products. In all three instances, we received accurate and helpful information. It looks like Supreme Dissertations hires and trains its support agents – always a good sign.


To determine product and service quality, we rely on several things:

  • On-site testimonials
  • Comments and feedback that we find on the web and submit to other review sites
  • Statements made by users of our review site
  • Quality of content writing on the company website, as well as examples and blog articles
  • Information about employed researchers and writers and how they are assigned to specific customer orders

The feedback from customers was all quite positive. In one instance, a deadline was missed because a new writer had to be assigned for some reason. It happens.

Feedback details included solid research and use of credible and current resources, high-quality composition, following customer instructions, and on-time delivery. All customers stated they had direct contact with their writers during the process. Several stated they did request revisions and got those without any hassle.

Examples are all graduate-level essays and papers – well-written. Blog articles are all on topics that students would find helpful, entertaining, and interesting and, again, are well-written.

In all, we rate quality quite high.

Prices and Discounts

Pricing is within the average range when compared to other quality agencies. They begin at $12.99/page at the high school level and graduate based upon normal factors – the type of product or service, academic level, and deadline requirement. Students will know the final price before placing their order, which is fixed – no additional surprise fees here.

All new customers receive a 15% discount. There are also discounts for returning customers, ranging from 5 – 15%. These are based on the total cumulative number of ordered pages. One customer service agent told us that there are also periodic “sales,” which are published on the site as they occur.

Additional Benefits

Some policies guarantee confidentiality, free revisions, and plagiarism-free writing. As well, there is a secure payment method through a third-party processor.

Customers receive a free title, table of contents, bibliography pages, and formatting in any style.


Without question, Supreme Dissertations gives high-quality service, and customers are overwhelmingly pleased with the products they receive. We also found that the blog articles give lots of tips for students who struggle with writing assignments – this means the company is interested in helping them to become better writers themselves.

We certainly recommend Supreme Dissertations as the best dissertation writing service.

One suggestion. The company may want to change its name to reflect its offers.

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JUST two words here... THANK YOU! managed to complete and present my bachelors project AND find a job this semester. Will never forget you and tell all my friends how awesome you are!!!

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writing freshman papers seemed so easy to me but when it came to my diploma three years later. damn,,, im so glad I found this service or i'd be dead now!


Without you guys, i proobably wouldnt make it! Got my research in order and my lit review shine. That will be the best history project in class. Thanks a million!

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I was sooooo hesitant about asking you guys for help cause i had lots of bad experiences. But you proved your just the service i needed! Thanks! will recommend to all my friends and will definitely come back soon :)

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the greatest service i found on the internet... never let me down, always on time, always good quality. simpley thre BEST!


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