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There are a lot of writing companies out there, and it can get very difficult to distinguish the best one among all the rest. That’s why we decided to review a few of the most popular ones to help you make the right choice. We have looked at the website, the services they offer, the prices, and the quality of papers they produce. We also ordered a paper and did some testing to see how the service works. Review: What services do they offer?

The first thing we did was check the services offered on We wanted to see if they offered the types of papers you’d expect from a writing company of this caliber. We did that by checking out the services available. We wanted to see whether or not they could handle the types of papers you’d normally order from a writing service. We did find that they offer the standard types of writing, including essays, dissertations, research papers, and term papers, as well as editing and proofreading services. However, they do not offer admission papers, admission services, dissertation services, and other types of papers that you’d normally find at other writing companies. This is a bit of a drawback, but not a major one.

We also wanted to see if the quality of the papers they delivered was up to the quality you’d expect. To that end, we ordered a term paper and asked them to produce it in 6 hours. We chose the Undergraduate level, so we expected the paper to be written from scratch and would require a lot of research and writing. We also asked them to use MLA formatting, and we specified that the paper needed to be double-spaced. This was the shortest deadline we set, so we expected the paper to be ready within the time frame we specified. The paper was delivered on time, but it was not exactly what we wanted. The writer used MLA formatting, which was okay, but the essay was not formatted the way we wanted. There were several grammar and spelling mistakes, and it was not at all a college level essay.

We also wanted to see if the quality of the papers they produced could be trusted. To do this, we ordered a dissertation to see if the quality was as high as they promise. We asked them to produce it in 3 days. We chose the Doctoral level, so we wanted it to be a more complex paper that would require more research and writing. We specified that we wanted it to be in APA format, and we asked them to use the most up-to-date sources and references. They did that, but it still wasn’t what we expected. The dissertation was a bit of a mess. There were several grammar and spelling errors, and it was not at all formatted like we wanted.


You will have to wait to see the price list, as the company does not offer it. We ordered an essay to see what they offer. We chose the highest academic level and asked for a Doctoral level. We got a quote of $20.99 per page. This is very high compared to other services, and the prices are quite expensive.

The price per page for the Doctoral level is $26.99, and this is still very high. We consider this is too high for an essay, especially when we consider that the quality is poor. The lowest price is $18.99 for a page, and this is still very expensive. We consider this is too expensive for an essay, and you cannot order it in 3 hours. The company also does not offer Dissertations, so we cannot tell you if they offer the best dissertation writing services.

We also noticed that the company offers Dissertations, but they do not offer a dissertation writing service. They offer only essays, which is not a good thing. You cannot get a dissertation or a Master’s degree from them. This means that you will have to pay a lot more for your paper.

We consider that this is not a good service to order from. The company does not offer good writing services and you will not get the paper you need. We would not recommend this website to students. We consider it to be expensive and not worth the money.


We ordered an essay to check the quality of the writing. We wanted to see what they could really offer, and so we decided to order a paper from them. We did that, and we can say that the quality of their work is very poor. The writer who we chose to complete the task did not have any qualifications in the field that he/she was writing for. We received a poorly written paper, which contained several grammatical errors. It was not worth a C. The essay was also not formatted well, and it was not formatted according to our instructions. We asked for the revision and they did not do that well. We had to send it back for editing.

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