Books complete me

Reading books is a popular pastime. In fact, many people consider it their hobby. Not only are classics still widely read by people of all ages, but there are modern hits that are regularly shaking up the world. Authors like Stephen King have long careers and are known worldwide.

Naturally, if you are a reader, you may want to share your love for books with others. This is why you should consider writing book reviews on dedicated websites or keeping a blog where you post about your reading hobby. Here are some tips to help you write great reviews.

#1 Write About Your Favorite Books

The best way to start writing book reviews is to first write about your favorite books. This way, you can fully express your admiration and adoration of your favorite literature, and you will already get excited about writing reviews.

That being said, you should still be critical of these books, at least to some extent. After all, you are writing a book review, not an appreciation post. You need to recognize the weaknesses of a specific book and describe them in your review so that you don’t deceive potential readers.

#2 Get Feedback from Your Readers

Once you do write and publish your review, you will start getting comments under it, with people sharing opinions of their own. Don’t be afraid to read the comments and engage with them – this will be valuable feedback for you both about the book and about your own review of it.

To ensure you get engagement on your first book reviews, consider posting them on one of your social media profiles where you already have your friends and family members following you. Maybe some of them have read the book and will be glad to share their opinions.

#3 Make It a Part of Your Daily Life

One of the ways you can make book review writing more integrated into your life is by actually making it a part of your life. It can be an extension of your book-reading hobby, but it may also already be a part of your life in one way or another.

If you are a student, you have probably already written a book review at least once or twice because it is a popular assignment given to students of different ages. If you need some help writing your book reviews, you can always get in touch with a professional writer who you can find on the best essay writing service list. They will explain to you how to write detailed book reviews and get good grades.

#4 Read Interviews from the Authors

To better understand what a specific author was trying to say in their book, it’s a good idea to seek out and read their interviews. Authors like to share details about their writing process or even how they came up with ideas for the book and then planned it.

Sometimes, there won’t be any written interviews but video interviews. Some authors also have blogs of their own or like to go on podcasts where they can also talk about their writing process.