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Sai Kung Country Park Hong Kong

A beautiful, clean, and naturally rich environment – now an environmental education center.

When the Hakka Chinese ran from the mainland Chinese in the middle of the 16th century, they found a small mountainous island on the most easterly tip of what we today call the New Territories of Hong Kong. They settled in a beautiful bay that provided fresh drinking water from 3 mountain streams, arable land from silt deposits, and a glorious stretch of white sand beach that allowed them easy access to a bountiful supply of fresh fish. They also discovered the ‘pearl.’

Pearls come into existence when a foreign object, about the size of a grain of sand, enters an oyster. When this occurs, the oyster forms a protective layer called the “mother of pearl” around the object. The oyster continues to nurture the particle, and after several years, a pearl is created.

The Hakka pearl divers collected oysters from the sea floor. Very rarely were they fortunate to find a pearl inside one of the oysters (typically, one in ten thousand oysters yields a natural pearl). Due to their rarity, these natural pearls were reserved for the Emperor and other dignitaries.

The waters of Pak Lap are shallow and clean, the perfect environment to dive for pearl shells (Akoya Oyster). For 80 years, this region was the primary source of pearls for the Chinese Emperor until they finally were fished out.

In terms of ‘liveability,’ Pak Lap Wan was heaven-sent.

Today it is not the virgin wilderness that greeted the original settlers. However, it has maintained its ‘wild nature’ and magnificent natural landscape due to its location on the east coast. Pak Lap Wan faces the world’s largest ocean (the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean join without interruption to the east of Pak Lap) with clean easterly sea currents bringing in unpolluted waters and the wondrous bounty of nature. The easterly sea currents are matched by clean easterly winds pushing the industrialization of China back to where it came from, leaving behind clear, oxygen-rich, refreshing air to energize your body and mind.

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In this natural and exciting location, we engage youth and adults in the process of understanding sustainability, wild nature, and how to balance our lives with excitement and wonder.