Making the Scientific Review Process Transparent with SciRev is a website and platform created by researchers for researchers. Our aim is to create a space for researchers to share their experiences with the review process and, this way, to make the scientific review process more transparent and straightforward. What is the scientific review process? To put it simply:

  • Also known as the scholarly peer review or academic peer review, the scientific review process involves experts and researchers reviewing the draft version of another researcher’s methods and findings.

In most cases, the peer review is performed by the experts and researchers working in the same field in which the research was performed by the researcher looking for reviews. After a researcher (or a group of researchers) performs research and then writes an article about it, they send it to an academic journal or another relevant publication. The editors of the said outlet then send the article to other researchers and experts (or “peers”) to review it.

If you are a student writing your thesis that you want to get published, later on, you will likely need it to be reviewed by peers too. But if it is your first time working on something so complicated, you can hire an academic writer from the best essay writing service to help you complete your paper on time and ensure that it maintains high quality. Moreover, the writer can also help you check that your research was performed correctly before you send your paper for a peer review.

Most of the time, journals and academic publications strive to improve their review process and how they handle manuscripts. At least, efficient journals are known for doing this and getting extra credits for their efforts, while less efficient outlets are still encouraged to invest more time into organizing their processes better. This is reflected on our website, where the information is easily accessible to researchers in all fields.

The users of SciRev can easily find journals in the database that are known for having a fast review process. This allows researchers to publish their papers earlier while editors can provide information about their journals and compare the performance of their outlet with others. We also offer an option to place a free scientific ad on the website, which, we believe, helps strengthen the global scientific community. Our website is visited by thousands of researchers every day, so it is the perfect place for sending a message to the worldwide academic community.

The SciRev Foundation (Stichting SciRev) is operating the website. The Foundation’s goal is to make the peer review process more efficient through the sharing of experiences with it and knowledge about it. Unfortunately, the scientific review process is known to be one of the weakest links in the process of scientific knowledge production. New findings and knowledge are often left untouched for long periods in editorial offices and at reviewers’ desks. This loss of time is absolutely unnecessary, which is why SciRev aims to speed up the process of scientific review and make it more transparent for all researchers.