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Edusson is an online writing service that has been active in the custom paper writing market for quite some time. We have been able to find many positive comments about this company on various websites and review platforms, but we also came across negative ones as well. This Edusson review will be our attempt to provide a balanced overview of all the pros and cons of this company. We have tested this service by ordering an essay and we can say that it is a legit one.

Edusson Services Overview

Edusson offers academic assistance to students of different academic levels. They offer different types of papers for sale, such as essay papers, research papers, case studies, term papers, book reviews, and more. Their services are available to students at different academic levels: high school, college, university, Master’s, and Ph.D. They also have a list of additional services that are available for an additional price.

We ordered an essay from this company and we can say that it was written professionally. The writer used proper resources and followed the requirements. The essay was delivered on time. The quality of the essay was high and the content was written in a proper academic style. The writer used all the information we provided in the order form. We did not find any mistakes or inaccuracies.

There is an Edusson blog. There is also a blog section dedicated to customer feedback. We read several blog posts there, and we found them quite informative and interesting. They contain tips and hints for students to improve their academic writing skills. The feedback is quite positive. Students are happy with the quality of the papers they received here. However, there were some complaints about the customer support service, which is not ideal. There are issues with deadlines, the lack of a refund policy, and the fact that the company does not offer a money-back guarantee. Students do not have a guarantee that their papers will be delivered on time or that they will be free from plagiarism.

Pricing Model and Payment Options

The pricing model is based upon a bidding system. This means that the price will depend upon the writer you choose and the paper you need. The pricing is very high. For example, an essay of a high school level with a 10 day deadline will set you back around $50. This is extremely expensive for a student on a budget. A student in Canada or the UK would be better off looking elsewhere for help. We were charged $56 for our paper and it was not of a college level. The quality was very poor, and the essay was not delivered on time. We were charged $56 for a paper that was not even worth our money. This is very expensive for a student on a budget and would not be suitable for a regular order. We were also charged twice the amount for our paper, which is a huge issue. If we wanted to get a refund, we would have to wait for the entire 10 days for a revision to be completed. This would not be acceptable if we were a student who needed urgent help with their essay. We do not recommend this service to students. The prices are simply too high for a service that does not offer the best quality and customer service.

Quality of Services

The paper we received was not of high quality. The writer did not follow our instructions. We found several mistakes in the paper, and it did not include all of the sources that we requested. There were also some plagiarized passages. The paper was not formatted as we requested, and we did not receive a refund because of that.

We did not receive any revisions. The writer did not fix the errors that we found in the paper, and we were not given the option of a free revision. We did not receive a refund because of the quality of the paper, and we believe that is not fair play to the customers. We believe the company should be more open and transparent to let students know what they can expect when ordering from them. The customer service is not responsive, and we were not able to get a prompt response when we had issues with the writer or the company. We believe that the quality is poor and that students should not be using this service, and we would not recommend it to any student.

We did receive a free title page and bibliography, and we believe that these are helpful to students who need these.

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