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Shark Papers is not the best paper writing service there is and offers students help with writing papers of any academic level. They also offer to rewrite papers in terms of their editing services. The site has been active since 2013 and is owned by Boosta Ltd.

Their website is very easy to use and looks professional. They offer a few different services: essays, research papers, term papers, coursework, dissertations, case studies, reports, presentations, and more. They have a team of professional writers who can complete any order within a short deadline. Their prices are reasonable, starting at $10 per page for a high school paper with a 14-day deadline.

We ordered a paper from them to check out their quality. The paper we received was of average quality. There were some spelling and grammar mistakes, but nothing too serious. We did not find any mistakes or plagiarism.


Shark Papers offer a wide range of services. Their services page lists all of the services that they offer, as well as the types of essays that they can write. We were able to find essays, dissertations, research papers, term papers, coursework, and case studies, as well as some other types of papers that you would typically find at a writing service.

The services are split into four main categories:

These categories are broken down into the following sections:

These are all the services that the company offers, but they are broken down by academic level. This is a bit of a disadvantage since students who are more advanced in their academic level may find that the service that they need is not available.

The services are split into four academic levels:

This is a bit confusing because there does not appear to be a separate section dedicated to the graduate level. This is a bit concerning since students who are at this level should be able to order the services that come with the highest level of quality.

The prices for these services are very reasonable, and you can get a 10-page essay for just £11.99. This is a very good price, and you can get a discount on this price too. This price is a bit higher than the average price that you can find on the market, and it is definitely worth it. The writers that work for the company are very qualified, and you can expect to have a paper that is written by someone who has a Master’s or Ph.D. degree.

There is a loyalty discount program that allows you to get discounts on your order so that you can save a few pounds. You will get a discount of 5% on your first order, and then 5% after that. There are also discounts for bulk orders so that you can save a lot of money. The loyalty program is a good way to save money. There is a lifetime discount program that allows you to save up to 15% off your order. This is a great way to save a lot of money and is definitely worth it.

Shark Papers also offer a free plagiarism check. This is a great feature that is worth checking if you are unsure about the content that you are submitting.


There is no price list to be found anywhere on the site, so it is impossible to know how much your assignment will cost you. We did find some prices on the prices page, but they are not published on a per-page basis. You are given a quote for an assignment, and then you can choose to pay in four different currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, or AUD. There is no indication of how many pages you need, so you are never sure how much you will have to pay. This can be a little frustrating because it means you may pay more than you need to.

There is a table of rates, and they start at $14.99 for a high school essay with a 20-day deadline. The prices go up from there based on the academic level of your paper. There are also some special offers, including a first-time discount of 20% and discounts for students who order more than 100 pages.


Shark Papers does not offer any discounts, either on their website or in the form of a promo code. There is a discount page, but this only shows you a small section of their discount offers. There is a discount page on the main page, but there is no information on how to access it. You can use the discount code “first15” on the order form, but there is no information on how much this discount is. There is also a discount page on the FAQs page, but this only gives you information on how to get a discount, and there is no information on how long the discount is valid. There are also no discount pages on the discount page itself.

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