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  • Urgency from: 8 hrs is definitely in the business of providing custom writing products, but we are confused as to how long this company has been in business. The published copyright date is 2013-2016; however, at one point the site states that the company was registered as a business in Hong Kong in 2015; yet another statement indicates that the company has been in business since 2005. We were able to find online evidence of its existence going back to 2013.

This Smart Writing Service review has been compiled after an investigation of several factors – the information which the company provides on its website, the site-published testimonials of satisfied customers, essay writing service reviews, a look at writing samples on the site, and the quality of a research paper which we ourselves ordered. We also compare pricing, discounts, and other benefits.

Advertised Products and Services

SmartWritingService has all of its offered products nicely listed in a column on the right side of its landing page. It is obvious at first glance that the company focuses solely on academic writing products, and the quote form indicates that it serves students in high school, college, and graduate programs. The listing is comprehensive and covers virtually any assignment a student might expect to face at any of these academic levels.

Quality of Products/Writers does not publish samples of its writers’ work on its site, so we relied on other factors to determine quality.

  • There is a very large listing of specific products in the footer section of the site, and we accessed a few of them to read about the products. The writing quality was absolutely terrible. It was obvious that these pages had been written by foreigners whose command of the English language was basic, at best. Here is a quote from a footer page titled, Write My Research Paper: “A research paper is generally big in volume assignment, but they’re more often its length depends on the type of the topic.”  Obviously, this is unacceptable English composition.
  • There are also unfavorable comments and feedback elsewhere on the web. Customers have complained about the quality of writing, poor resources, and failure to abide by specific instructions.
  • The paper we received from Smart Writing Service reinforced the complaints that we found. Despite the company’s claim that all of its writers are ENL professionals, this cannot be the case. Clearly, a foreigner wrote our paper. As well, the resources used were books that would be appropriate for high school, not the college level, which we requested.

To provide a summation of quality, we find it very suspicious when the company claims to have only Master’s and Ph.D. writers from English-speaking universities; as well we could find no SmartWritingService BBB membership.

While we can state that this company is not a fraud or scam, we cannot recommend it as a professional service.

Customer Support/Service

We contacted the company on three occasions to ask about products and services. The individuals who answered the phone calls were sorely lacking in knowledge about policies and products. We were referred to the FAQ section of the website. during a live hat, one rep told us that a full dissertation could be completed within 14 days – ludicrous.


Smart Writing Service prices are about average for the industry. Our research paper of 8 pages with a 7-day deadline was $136.00. There are no first-time customer discounts offered, nor is there a place to enter any type of promo code for a discount on the order form. The Terms and Conditions policy speaks to discounts and directs the reader to the FAQ section for more information. We accessed the FAQ section, and there was no information regarding discounts or any type of coupon codes for such discounts.

We can only conclude that no discounts or special pricing are offered by this company.

Additional Benefits

The company does state that it provides free title and bibliography pages, as well as revisions and formatting. This is standard for the industry.

Final Verdict

In looking at the pros & cons of Smart Writing Service, there is little, if anything, to brag about. We suspect that the claim to have only ENL writers with Master’s and Ph.D’s is false. Quality is poor, and customer reps have little to no information about the products and services. Overall our rating of this company is “Poor,” and we do not recommend its use.

Hahaha – was my reaction when the essay I ordered was 13% unique. Okay, what should I say to my teacher? Sorry, the writer I paid wasn’t well-qualified not to ctrl+c and ctrl+v the work?


I got “C” for the essay written by their writers. Not what I expected from experts.


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Rating 2

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Very good

Easy-to-use website but the essays I ordered are pathetic and I have no time for revisions((((

many spelling mistakes

Well, they work fast. I received my research a whole day before the deadline! So I had enough time to read it and submit for revision:) The paper contained so many spelling mistakes and grammar inconsistencies that I hardly could read it. I think there was some rational argument but I'm not sure. Hope they won't take a month to revise it.


They have tasty prices and that's what attracts most clients to them, me not being an exception:) For all the rest, well, I can say they are neither bad nor excellent. I did receive my essay but I didn't like it at all. So I requested a revision, then another one and only after a week after the initial deadline I could turn the paper in. So, if you need an urgent assignment, better look somewhere else.

It gives me D

To be honest, at first I thought it was a good website where it was very easy accessing to the website, but the paper work I was not very happy though. All the paper I paid for, it gives me D which I ask for a lot of time for revising, and it didn't change anything. I'm not sure if I would recommend to anyone but if your professor is a easy grader, might as well used this website. Worth a shot.


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