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We are writing this review about a popular online writing service called Studicus. Several of our followers have requested the latest information, and we’ve ranked it number 3 among the best essay writing services. But first, let’s go over our evaluation steps and criteria. Here are the things we do to ensure a thorough review:

  • Thoroughly navigating the Studicus website.
  • Reading policy pages.
  • Receiving and reviewing an academic essay.
  • Comparing prices and discounts.
  • Reading student reviews.
  • Researching the service on the internet.
  • Engaging with customer service.

Now for our criteria:

  • A professionally designed and easy-to-navigate website.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Accessible and professional writers and customer support agents.
  • Safe payment options.
  • On-time delivery.
  • Original, high-quality academic writing.
  • Solid reputation.
  • Clear policies and respect for customer information.

To find out if Studicus is reliable, keep reading!

Advertised Products And Services

Because the Studicus website is intuitive and easy to navigate, we found their list of writing services easily. Their services can be divided into a few different categories. These are resume/CV writing for job seekers, business copywriting, college admissions and scholarship writing, and academic services. For this review, the focus is on academic writing. Still, we were impressed to see such a wide variety.

We noted that all the standards are available on the academic writing side. These include essays, research papers, term papers, and thesis and dissertation assistance. This list isn’t complete. If you have an academic writing need, you can be pretty sure they can help you here.

Quality of Products/Writers

We were able to obtain a college-level essay to review. To be honest, we were quite impressed. It was insightful and written by someone who understands the expectations of academic writing. The writer used several excellent sources. They also cited those sources properly. According to our source, all instructions were followed exactly regarding the subject, sources, citation format, and length.

Our experience doesn’t appear to be unique. More reviews were positive than not. Further, the site encourages students to communicate directly with their writers. Many students indicate high professionalism and friendliness when dealing with Studicus writers.

Customer Support/Service

Studicus offers many options to contact them and to get customer assistance. We decided to use the online support option. This was a convenient way to ask basic questions about how to place an order, the writer’s qualifications, and how to pay. We received a response from an online customer service agent almost immediately. They provided us with the information we needed and explained things in a very easy-to-understand way.

We also took the time to read the policy documents posted on the site. Overall, the company has very fair policies and backs up its guarantees. Customers are promised original writing and on-time delivery. Further, they are promised quality writing that follows the instructions they provide. Revisions are promised if these promises are not kept.

Finally, we read the online privacy policy. This document outlines how the company deals with customer data, cookies, third-party advertisers, etc. We can affirm that this site is GDPR compliant and that customers have input into how their data is used.


Studicus pricing starts at 14.99 per page. This is a standard industry price. However, the price per page does fluctuate. This depends on the deadline, grade level, and type of writing. Still, these are competitive prices. Further, there are some great discounts available here. Customers can enjoy 15% savings on their first order.

Students should know that the standard payment methods are accepted here. This includes PayPal. The site appears to use SSL-secured payment processing. We believe it is safe to place an order and pay here.

Final Verdict

If it isn’t clear, Studicus has earned our seal of approval. They offer great writing and customer support and very reasonable prices. Students who need writing help can get the service they need here.

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Customer reviews

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Very good

I would like to thank this site, which provides guaranteed services for students. I was ordered to write papers on philosophy with a classmate, and philosophy is not the easiest discipline in our university, and it will not be possible to simply pass plagiarism there. As a result, high quality work was completed for us in a timely manner.

Very interesting paper

Very interesting paper. Thanks to the author for the interesting material for papers and fast execution on time. I will recommend this site

Everything is done perfectly!!!

Everything is done perfectly!!! They did it in one day, not expensive and of high quality, I passed it perfectly, thank you!

No complaints

I ordered it, by the agreed time they sent mine to the post office, everything went smoothly, it was not expensive, everything worked at the university, what else is needed for the quiet life of a tortured student.


i needed a paper on a very specific topic, but I scored to do it myself, found a website on the Internet, all you need to do is choose an item, enter a name, and a deadline, they will send you a price, order, done. thanks


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