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Time4writing.com is a teaching and tutoring website and not a writing service per se. It focuses on academic writing, but only via a type of online coursework for students to develop their writing skills. We have received a few requests for a Time 4 Writing review, especially from students who want to know if it is worth the money. So, we reviewed the entire website, the posted testimonials, the best essay writing service reviews we found on the web (parents and high school students), pricing, etc. Finally, we ordered a student curriculum package to evaluate quality and usefulness.

Advertised Products and Services

Basically, Time4Writing offers writing courses for students in K-12 grades. It does not provide any college-level products or services. At the elementary and middle school levels, the focus is on helping parents teach their kids to write well, and this seems to be appealing to parents who homeschool their children. The high school products and services are geared specifically toward those students, not their parents.

Quality of Products/Writers

Obviously, Time4Writing.com does not employ writers, so we can only talk about product quality. We looked primarily at feedback and reviews that parents and students posted on the web and the writing package we ordered. Here is what we found:

  1. Parent comments ranged from average to wonderful, although this disparity seemed to be a factor in the variance in teachers.
  2. We also found some Time 4 Writing reviews from high school students who had purchased packages and coursework. Some seemed happy, while others felt they had wasted their money. Again, the disparity in comments seemed to relate to the teachers they had.
  3. We purchased a high school curriculum package, which was pretty reasonable. Whether it would be used by a parent in a home school situation or by a student himself, the curriculum assumed skills that these parents and students might not have.

Customer Support/Service

There is no real customer support. Customers (parents or students) deal specifically with the teachers involved. We did find good teacher profiles, including specific degrees and universities, as well as teaching experience.

And the company does have a BBB membership, with only a few complaints. Clearly, this service is not a fraud or scam.


Time4Writing prices are set and consistent whether customers are purchasing tutoring sessions or curriculum packages. There are no discounts, coupon codes for special pricing events, or any type of promo code for a new customer. Overall, prices are in line with other such services on the web.

Additional Benefits

In short, there are none. This company provides what it says at the price it has established. The tutoring sessions do result in teacher feedback that is quick, and parents seemed to appreciate that.

Final Verdict

It is impossible to provide a rating that compares this service with the other writing services we review. Products and services are just not comparable. If we look at the pros & cons, though, we can see an obvious “con” in the apparent variety of quality based on teachers.

Students who are looking for a writing service for help with essays, papers, and other academic writing will not find it at Time4Writing.com.

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Very good
Waste of time(

That's pretty much like a language learning website - memrise and such. You get lessons and there is someone who can help you in the case of misunderstanding. Waste of time(


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