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We have received several requests to review Wise Essays over the past few months. The following is our write up. In order to prepare for this review, we took the following steps:

  • Placed an order for a college level essay to be written within 10 days
  • Explored the company website
  • Read online customer reviews
  • Looked up information on the BBB and other consumer websites
  • Interacted with our writer and customer support agents
  • Reviewed our completed document for quality and accuracy
  • Compared pricing and services with similar companies

The following reflects our experiences with this service. Our final thoughts and recommendations are at the end of this piece.

Advertised Products And Services

This is an academic writing, editing, and proofreading service. While we placed an order for an essay, we noted that several other services were offered. These are targeted at students in high school and college. They offer research paper writing, term papers, application essays, presentations, thesis and dissertation writing, and other services. There’s also assignment assistance available.

We placed an order for a marketing essay. We selected the longest possible due date, and did not order any extra products or services.

Quality of Products/Writers

We kept regular contact with our writer who was very personable. She did delivery our essay before the due date, and that was a positive. Unfortunately, the writing just wasn’t up to standard. Students who pay for writing should be able to expect content that is free of errors, and written at an advanced level. Our writer simply failed to deliver that. She chose resources that really weren’t appropriate for academic writing, and our essay just wasn’t very insightful. This was a C paper at best.

Customer Support/Service

We contacted customer support several times, before and after we placed our order. They were always courteous, but often were unable to answer our questions. We were frequently told we would be contacted with information, and never were. There are clearly both training and staffing issues here.


WiseEssays.com prices are quite reasonable. They do offer discounts, but those are worked into the prices given. If you place an order, you will notice that the coupon codes are already filled in for you. We did not find any additonal sources of special offers or discounts outside of what is contained within the writing service website.

Additional Benefits

We see this quite often. WiseEssays actually offers some great fringe benefits. We were very impressed with the website overall. They also have a large collection of well-written and informative blog posts. Several testimonials mentioned this, and we agree. Unfortunately, these fringe benefits don’t make up for lack of quality, and rather disorganized customer support.

Final Verdict

We took some time to review the pros & cons of WiseEssays.com. There are certainly a few good points. The website is very user friendly. It took us no time to find the information we need, and to place an order. Wise Essays also has some decent blog content. Unfortunately, the negatives lead us to give a final rating of below average.

While the writing wasn’t awful, it definitely was not done at a professional level. It certainly wasn’t worth the 15 dollars per page that we were charged. This writing service is definitely  not a fraud or scam, but you can absolutely find better academic writing elsewhere. We recommend using a service that has better quality writing for the price.

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Very good
You give them the task and forget about the darn thing.

You give them the task and forget about the darn thing. Gosh are they expensive! I mean I haven't seen them before and there are not many testimonials or reviews on them so I suppose it's a new company. Yet they charge no cheaper than the old-timers and don't even give an opportunity to see the sample works of the writer who is to be writing for you.


They are fine.


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