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WriteMyEssay4Me.org has not been in business long when compared to many other writing services. Its newness may be part of the reason for the rather sparse content on its site. Still, we have been able to accumulate enough information to provide this initial review of the company – from the content information on its site, a few posted testimonials, our experiences with the customer service department and ordering an original product, and customer reviews we have been able to find in a few other places on the web. This is our summary of WriteMyEssay4Me.

Advertised Products and Services

The home page of the WriteMyEssay4Me site speaks to the offering of a comprehensive product line of academic writing, along with the fact that it can produce essays at least in as little as 2 hours, that it uses qualified writers, and that it will provide plagiarism-free products according to the customer’s instructions and deadline specifications.

In addition to academic writing, Write MyEssayToday.net produces admissions essays along with editing services.

Quality of Products/Writers

There are no samples or even a blog on the site. In fact, there are only 4 links – “Home, Contact, Prices, and FAQ.”  There are a few footer pages related to ordering an essay, but they are short and all provide the same basic information. We relied on the few customer reviews we found on the web and the quality of the university-level research paper we ordered, with a 6-day deadline.

The verdict is not a good one.

  • The few customer reviews/comments we read complained about the poor quality and lack of responsiveness when revisions were requested.
  • The research paper we ordered was delivered on time.
  • There was a thesis statement, but the same information was repeated in different ways as if the writer were simply trying to fill the 8 pages we had requested.
  • The work lacked substance, and the resources were all secondary – not good for college research materials.

We can state that WriteMyEssay4Me is certainly not a fraud or scam, but the quality is poor, and we cannot find a BBB membership, which is unusual for a business located in the U.S.

Customer Support/Service

There are not a lot of communication opportunities for customers of WriteMyEssay4Me. The company states that it is located in California and it does publish a telephone number at the very bottom of its home page. We called the toll-free number on three occasions. On two of them, we were connected to voicemail and told to leave a message. On the third occasion, we spoke with a company rep, who did not seem to know a great deal. She put us on hold to check on doctoral dissertations and then told us that we could get a 220-page full dissertation in 6 days for a price of $5060.00 – that would be just short of a miracle.

The other method of communication is via email contact, which we did not use. One concern we had is that there was no method of “connecting” with an assigned writer. Nor is the process for assigning a writer explained on the site.


Prices range from $10/page for high school products to $197/page for admissions essays with a short deadline. There a no new customer discounts, no coupon codes offered for special pricing, and no promo code for any special sales.

Interestingly, the company chose this page to talk more about its writers, insisting that only Ph.D. writers took on admissions essays.

Our 8-page paper with a 6-day deadline was $160.00, a bit above average for the industry.

Additional Benefits

There are no free benefits, but for additional fees, customers can request a “top-rated” writer, a plagiarism report (quite pricey), and VIP customer support.

Final Verdict

We have looked at the pros & cons of WriteMyEssay4Me, and find little to praise. Part of the issue may be that the service is so new and is still working on its policies, and its site content. The biggest efforts, however, should be in acquiring writers who live up to the descriptions they provide. We are assigning a rating of “Fair to Poor.”

Weak resource. Their writers are not able to perform normal writing on a college level, yet ask for an impressive amount of money to pay for their “services”…


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Customer reviews

Rating 1.3

based on 13 reviews

Very good
Awful, do not recommend

I would recommend this website only if you have too much money and want to have fun answering constant night calls from support managers to gain clarity concerning the order. And I would have understood all this if they had delivered a quality paper. But actually it was awful. So there`s no explanation.


They look fun, they look bright and engaging. Long and boring order forms, no possibility to choose a writer, no contact with the writer, no progress tracking. NOTHING

Becky B.
didn't understand my issue

I wasted both money and time on this service. They missed the deadline and sent me a completely different paper from the one I ordered. It looked like they had copied the text from somewhere and then even altered the title to make it match. The customer support representative pretended he didn't understand my issue and kept asking if I saw any grammatical mistakes in the paper body.

Angela S.
so bad to many mistakes

My essay went through 3 revisions before it could be considered as something normal.

Susan N.
Ridiculously overpriced

Their services are ridiculously overpriced and unfortunately it's just a waste of money. I don't know, maybe they have way too many customers or hope for a quick revenue but their service is a horror. Not only can't they write, they are rude, argue a lot and their only aim is to take your money and get rid of you.


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