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Best Essay Writing Services Reviews In 2022

Price from: $12.99

Discount: 17%

Founded in: 2015

900+ Essay writers with MA & Ph.D. degrees
Overwhelming number of positive reviews
Free essay writing tools and guides

Price from: $12.99

Discount: 19%

Founded in: 2015

Balanced costs and quality

Price from: $12.99

Discount: 15%

Founded in: 2019

#1 Choice among high-schoolers

Best essay writing services reviews

Posted on May 1, 2021 (Updated: Apr 19, 2023)

How the Best Essay Writing Service Reviews Can Help You

I specialize in assessing essay writing services and writing reviews to help students like you. However, you may wonder why you should be concerned with reading my reviews. After all, shouldn’t you rely on your research?

While I agree that you should do your research, my reviews can be valuable. They provide you with a summary of information that you may not be able to find on your own. In addition, when you need to find essay help quickly, my reviews are a one-stop source of information for you.

Best of all, I write each essay review – as an academic professional and an ex-employee of a custom essay writing service. I understand what it takes to offer quality writing services and am qualified to evaluate written works for academic quality. I’ll cover all the bases for you and provide an objective review. Rest assured that if I recommend a service, you can trust that service to help you in your time of need.

The Benefits of Using Essay Writing Services

If you are reading this, you’re likely considering using a paper writing service. Maybe a friend or roommate has suggested this to you. Possibly, you’ve seen an online advertisement about writing for college students. You may now wonder if pursuing this option would be worth the money.

That depends. If you can find the best essay writing service for your needs, then it is worthwhile. A professional essay writer can:

  • Help you put your thoughts on an academic subject into words.
  • Edit and proofread the text for you.
  • Help you with an essay so that you have time to work on other classes, go to work, or spend time with your family.
  • Deliver an original, high-quality essay on or before the agreed deadline.

Essay writing services are a great option if you struggle academically or simply with a busy schedule.

Choosing The Best Essay Writing Reviews

If you explore our site, you will notice a variety of positive and negative reviews. As you can imagine, I hate writing negative reviews. After all, I’m not into dissing or slamming competition. Still, I must be honest in my reviews based on my experience.

Fortunately, there are many excellent writing companies as well. I am always happy to support these with my endorsement. A few of these high-quality essay services have emerged as particularly outstanding. One thing I will be doing in this piece is highlighting several of these services.
Rating 5.0
  • Price from:12.99
  • Discount:17%
  • Founded in:2015
  • Urgency from:3h

900+ Essay writers with MA & Ph.D. degrees
Overwhelming number of positive reviews
Free essay writing tools and guides

Trust My Paper is a well-known and professional essay writing service that has been around for years. Its good reputation speaks for itself: high-level services, a solid business model, exceptional customer service, industry-average pricing range, and numerous satisfied customers who keep coming back. We recommend this writing service to students at all academic levels seeking professional help with their studies.
Rating 4.9
  • Price from:12.99
  • Discount:19%
  • Founded in:2015
  • Urgency from:3h

Balanced costs and quality

Best Essays Education is an older writing agency that has been going strong for over 5 years. It’s not surprising that there are so many positive reviews about it that past customers left on different platforms. Best Essays Education delivers what it promises – high-quality work and affordable pricing for every kind of student.
Rating 4.9
  • Price from:12.99
  • Discount:15%
  • Founded in:2019
  • Urgency from:3h

#1 Choice among high-schoolers

The more time passes, the more we trust Studicus as one of the best writing services available to students. This company offers outstanding customer support and quality writing at a reasonable price. Studicus is particularly beloved by high-school students, but it is used by people at all stages of their learning journey. It’s a must-try for students who need writing help.
Rating 4.9
  • Price from:12.99
  • Discount:15%
  • Founded in:2018
  • Urgency from:6h

You may choose your writer before ordering

Many students simply can’t afford industry-level prices and may be looking for even more affordable options. While it’s risky to choose services that are too cheap, we know which agency is reliable – Wow Grade. Though this company has lower prices than you usually see from good agencies, its quality of services is on par with any other respected company on this list. So if you’re on a tight budget, we recommend Wow Grade.
Rating 4.9
  • Price from:12.99
  • Discount:15%
  • Founded in:2017
  • Urgency from:6h

A go-to site for dissertations

Like the writing agencies listed above, Supreme Dissertations has many happy customers who note the company’s friendly and helpful customer support team. The services on offer all come at the highest level, but Supreme Dissertations is more than just an agency. The team behind it is also interested in helping students become better writers, which is particularly beneficial to students who come to the company asking for help. One important thing to note is that dissertation writing is not the only service Supreme Dissertations provides.
Rating 4.9
  • Price from:14
  • Discount:15%
  • Founded in:2014
  • Urgency from:6h

Unique writer bidding system

The platform allows students to choose a writer based on the bid, writer qualifications, ratings, and reviews, ensuring their orders’ quality and timely delivery. This makes it quite a popular college essay writing service.
Rating 4.8
  • Price from:11.4
  • Discount:20%
  • Founded in:2016
  • Urgency from:6h

EssayPro is an online writing platform that connects students with professional writers to help them with their academic assignments. The platform offers various writing services, including essays, research papers, dissertations, and even admission essays, all for quite a low price. It can be considered a cheap essay writing service.
Rating 4.8
  • Price from:12.99
  • Discount:20%
  • Founded in:2014
  • Urgency from:6h

EssayRepublic is known as a superior writing agency because of its consistent quality and next to no criticism directed at it throughout its existence. It is a trusted company that we recommend every student try.
Rating 4.7
  • Price from:12.99
  • Discount:17%
  • Founded in:2016
  • Urgency from:3h

Essays Deluxe has a wide range of academic writing services, making it a popular pick among students of all ages. Moreover, they are dedicated to expanding their list of services. Their quality-price ratio is pretty good, too, so you can expect to spend relatively little on the quality of work you will receive.
Rating 4.7
  • Price from:9
  • Discount:
  • Founded in:2014
  • Urgency from:3h

Another writing company with no negative points. EssayShark is highly recommended for students at all academic levels looking for the best essay writing.

To select the best of the best, here are the factors I considered:

  • Pricing and Discounts
  • Writing Quality
  • Customer Service Professionalism and Availability
  • Website Navigation and Mobile Compatibility
  • Ease of Placing an Order
  • Payment Security
  • Data Privacy
  • Originality and Deadline Guarantees
  • Feedback from Students
  • Writer Communication and Professionalism
  • Range of Services Offered
  • Free tools like plagiarism checker, paraphrasing, title, conclusion, and citation generators

Once I have this information compiled, I am ready to put it together in the form of a review.

The Anatomy of Essay Writing Website Reviews

The key to a great essay review is consistency. I strive to use the same structure for all my reviews. As a student, you can look at reviews and know where to find the necessary information. Each of my reviews contains:

  • An introduction with a brief description of the service, why I am writing the review, and the steps I took during my evaluation.
  • A description of the products and services offered by the service provider.
  • Evaluate the quality and professionalism of the writers and the papers they provide.
  • Insights into the availability and professionalism of customer support.
  • Pricing and discount information.
  • Information on any blog posts, writing samples, or other extras.
  • The final summary, along with a recommendation.

The reviews are structured like this for two reasons. First, students can read each review from top to bottom, getting all the pertinent information. They can also focus directly on the section that has the information that is most important to them. Of course, you can skip directly to the end to get my final thoughts.

Buy essay cheap!

Some essays are easy, some are hard, but the goal is to buy them cheap. We have ranked the cheapest essay writing services for your comfort.

Research paper
I need a research paper!

Research papers are more complicated than essays because they involve more research. Follow to the list of the best research paper writing services.

I need a dissertation!

Dissertation usually consists of many pages, with which you want help, right? Well, here’s a list of only the best dissertation writing services.

Help me with homework!

Assignments big or small may require external help. Find the best homework help websites on the highly curate list.

The Process of Writing College Paper Writing Service Reviews

So, how do I go about writing my reviews? Here are some details about my research steps in writing services and reviews. Remember that each company is different so these steps can vary slightly.

  • Explore the company website. I look for ease of navigation, loading speed, mobile compatibility, and web content.
  • Examine the list of services offered.
  • Explore the ease of placing an order.
  • Read policy pages, including data privacy, refunds, and guarantees.
  • Determine whether or not the company is GDPR compliant.
  • Read blog posts and writing samples.
  • Receive an essay and review it for accuracy and quality.
  • Read other reviews and online commentary about the service.
  • Compare prices to similar services and explore any discounts.
  • Interact with customer support.
  • Receive feedback from students who have ordered writing services.

It takes a long time to complete these steps. However, I can write a very thorough review when I have finished.

Are there any legit essay writing services?

You are already here, reading reviews and instructions on distinguishing a bad site from a good one, so yeah, there are some sites you could put into an illegitimate category. But generally, paper writing services are not against the law. Here’s why.

Almost every industry website provides so-called “drafts” of the work, based on which you should make your piece of writing. While reading the draft and writing your genuine essay, you learn in the process. It is considered an effective kind of help – it saves you a lot of time on research and sourcing materials, but it makes you delve into the topic of the essay.

Essay writing services to avoid
Rating 1.0
  • Misleading advertising undermining player safety
  • Unclear wagering requirements
Essay writing services to avoid

We gathered a list of online essay writing services that have been rated with the lowest score, which not only means poor service but can also be dangerous. We’re constantly looking for such services and immediately add them to our list of writing services to avoid them, so you are aware and do not waste your time and money.

Is it safe to buy essays online?

The answer is not always. Some don’t follow the rules and are trying to produce a ready-to-submit essay. When there’s demand, there’s a proposition, as many students don’t want to do anything at all, not even put a title on their essay.

And that would be considered illegal – submitting the draft as is, unedited. No learning institution would accept someone else’s work as yours. It’s not only up to you how you deal with academic honesty and how you use the provided draft. As you can see, some websites would lead you astray – to plagiarism, failure, or even expulsion. You must stay away from such websites as they aren’t legit.

Here’s a review of an essay writing service misuse in the UK:

Essay Writing Service Precautions

So, how to not fall into the bad hands of illegal websites? Huge risks are involved in hiring someone to write an essay for you. What you should do while assessing a paper writing website:

  • Look. Oftentimes, badly designed websites represent the worst of the paper writing services. An owner that didn’t spend on the looks won’t spend on professional essay writers. And that’s the law.
  • Read. Grammatical errors and unreadable or strangely written text are other hints towards cheap essay writers. Content that appears to have been created via machine translation is all day long a bad sign.
  • Listen. Ask your peers if they’ve been using similar services and if they could suggest the best essay service. Or read essay writing service reviews online – should the website be popular, there would be many reviews.
  • Touch. Contacting an essay writer service should be a breeze. Customer support operators should be there at the click of a button.
  • Watch out. You do not want essay service websites that redirect you to other websites without your consent. So stay out of trouble and close such browser tabs immediately.
  • Stay alert. Sites that don’t use secure payment options could potentially leak your money to a third party. You don’t want to feed the scammers.
  • Don’t be a Scrooge. Writing services offering rock-bottom prices or essays in less than an hour is never great for obvious reasons – insufficient money for good essay writers and no time for decent research.
  • Feel. The paper writing website should give you the feel of a safe haven. A holy trinity of guarantees should make up for it: plagiarism-free pledge, money-back guarantee, and full confidentiality.
  • Become a lawyer of some sort. Read the terms and conditions. Yes, it’s long and boring, but knowing your rights is crucial because terms and conditions are a contract between you and the essay writing service.
  • Compare. Free essay samples are a promise to the quality of your future essay. So go out there and read samples from different companies.
  • Take good care. When a writing service wants to care for its customers, it offers free tools to assess and ameliorate students’ essays. Tools like plagiarism checkers can assess originality, and tools like paraphrasing or citation generators can improve essay quality.

How to find true essay writing service reviews online?

As mentioned above, knowing the company’s reputation will help you determine a good essay writing service. There are some not-so-obvious steps I’d like to cover, which you could use to google any service, not just essay writing. It is one of the most important things to dive into, so I decided to develop the subject.

  1. Dig into social media. But not the usual Facebook or even Twitter. People are sensitive to academic honesty and would never reveal they have used an essay service. Use subtle sites where people can talk freely and stay incognito. Search for reviews on Reddit and Quora. Reviews might not be frequent there, but they are honest, which is the most important in reviews.
  2. Popular review websites. Sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber exist for this purpose alone – gathering reviews for you. But as they bring your attention,  they also bring the attention of the writing services. That means not all reviews there are unsolicited.
  3. Employee reviews. Sometimes you may find employee reviews of the company on sites like It reflects the company’s care for the staff, which in a way, influences the quality of your essay, you are about to order.
  4. Take some action. You might want to get some first-hand experience from others. To get it, you have to ask. Go to Reddit, Quora, or any other student forum and ask for essay reviews. For privacy reasons, you might want to mention to dm you in private instead of replying to the thread.

How much does it cost to pay someone to write my essay?

I will explain how much is too cheap and too expensive for all the folks willing to pay for an essay for the first time. Even if you have experience ordering content writing, essay writing is very different. It includes extensive research you wouldn’t need while writing content for the website. Another distinguishing point of essays is that they can be considered a piece of art, but I’m not talking about something like that. Unlike art, essays may very well be priced.

The cheapest paper writing services

Anything less than $11 per page is way too cheap. Unless you want to receive something partially plagiarised in ESL-level language. Even by providing cheap essay writing services, a writing company bears expenses like bank fees, taxes, website maintenance, support staff, marketing, and others, which make up a significant part of the price.

But the most significant is the writer’s cut, which can not be less than 1 dollar per 100 words. Even for third-world countries. As writing essays takes time. A lot of time. No matter how qualified the writer is.

Overpriced writing services

UK essay writing service reviews are screaming with customer complaints on price. Prices there go as high as 100 pounds per page. This is a clear exaggeration and speculation, as essay writers are of the same origin, if not the same. The company’s expenses may differ on location, but this can not result in the abyss of the difference.

Fair yet affordable prices go between 12 and 20 USD per page, and it’s an industry standard. By checking out our cheapest essay writing services list, you can make an educated choice that won’t hit your pocket or result in poor quality.

Preparing for the Best Essay Writing Results

When you do find the writing service that is best suited for you, there are some things that you can do to ensure you get the best essay possible. These include:

  • Providing clear and detailed instructions when you place your order.
  • Responding to questions and requests for clarification from your writer.
  • Uploading any materials required to write your essay on time.
  • Reviewing the completed essay when you receive it and providing feedback if needed.
  • Communicate with your writer frequently to ensure they are on the same page.
  • Providing a brief writing sample so the writer understands your voice.
  • Place your order in time to give your writer the time they need to work on your essay.

Following these steps can provide your writer with the necessary information. When you receive your essay, you should be able to see that this greatly impacts the quality of the paper you receive.

Best Results FAQ

If you do not have the book that has to be cited - the writer will not use it or in the best case scenario - they will use the sample of the book.

The essay writing service will revise your paper as many times as you want for free as long as you send your comments on time and stick to 14 days rule (free revision is available for 14 days after you have received the final paper). But the pricier the paper - the bigger your chance to receive free revision even after your 14 days have passed.

Just send as detailed comments as you possibly can. Even those little things that seem obvious to you, may not be to your writer.

They do everything writing-related, so in 99% of cases, they can do it. Contact support for guidance.

Yes, they do. For every order. Unless you are an ESL student and want the grammar to be downgraded to your level, which the writer does after the regular final proofread.

The fastest is 3 hours, but it depends on the size of your essay, bibliography, and topic complexity. Some essay writing companies have the evaluation form, but otherwise, contact support for assessment.