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The following is our review of In order to provide a thorough write-up, we compared with the best essay writing service reviews, placed an order for a paper, interacted with customer service staff, and researched this writing service online. Our research also includes a check with the BBB for unresolved customer complaints. The following is a summary of our experience.

Advertised Products And Services

According to their website, they offer writing, editing, and formatting services. The products seem to be mainly academic writing-related. These include essays, term papers, research papers, critiques, thesis and dissertation, and other similar products. We did see that resume writing is also offered. We did not notice business or copywriting services. We ordered a college-level essay on the topic of the main characters in Othello.

Quality of Products/Writers

While our writer was cordial and communicative, they were clearly not qualified to write academic papers, even at a low college level. Our essay was full of spelling and grammatical errors. Frequent inappropriate and off-base use of words was our indication that the writer was not a native English speaker. There was also a clear lack of subject matter knowledge. This was something that was mentioned in several customer reviews.

Customer Support/Service

We were not impressed with Educibly support or service in any way. They were unable to answer basic questions about their own policy. In many cases, they were abrupt and rude. We were not able to get any help with the problems we found with our essay. We requested a refund or help with revising mistakes.


We paid just under sixteen dollars per page for an essay with a two-week deadline. This is a fairly average price. Unfortunately, due to the low quality, these prices are hardly a bargain. We spent a bit of time looking for discounts. There do not appear to be any coupon codes, nor did we find a promo code on any special offer websites.

We do have an additional word of warning. When you place your order through this website, several additional products and services are preselected for you. This means that if you do not wish to pay for these, you have to manually uncheck each box. Otherwise,  you could end up spending significantly more than you intend.

Additional Benefits

Other than some poorly written writing samples, there are really no compelling features or benefits here. We did not see any blog posts articles or other interesting content. Many other writing services offer these so that interested customers will visit their site frequently, and add value to the overall user experience. Educibly has obviously chosen not to do this.

Final Verdict

The ultimate question is whether or not Educibly is a fraud or scam. While we do not believe there is an intention to deceive, there are exceptional quality issues. In addition to poor writing quality, we encountered poor customer service. Taking this into consideration, mulling over the few positive testimonials, and weighing the pros & cons, our final rating of is poor.

Customers should take care to avoid this writing service. Instead, we ask you to consider the other reviews we have published. Many are quite positive, and highlight writing services that truly offer both quality and customer service.

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Customer reviews

Rating 1.1

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Very good
I got nothig

Their offers look unrealistic and this service cannot bring them to life indeed. I shouldn’t have believed that they are capable of writing a good essay in 5 hours. What I got from them looked like a draft that badly needed work. And even more their manager refused to give me at least a discount. I paid for a ready-to-submit task and as a result got nothing to submit.

I`ll never order from this service again

I am not that picky and can understand if there is a forced delay because a writer has a lot of papers to finish or there are some technical issues. But what I really cannot understand is why you need support service if they don`t answer phone calls, completely ignore messages and seem to be constantly absent. I`ll never order from this service again and advise you to stay away from them as well.

I'll have to look for something else.

I've been their loyal customer since high school. But lately something had changed about their policy or company culture I don't know. My last orders came late and I have been noticing many mistakes in the texts they send me. I placed an order yesterday and still didn't get any call of confirmation. If they won't fix it in the nearest time, I'll have to look for something else.

Ira T.
My guidelines were simply ignored

Their samples have nothing in common with their actual writing. My guidelines were simply ignored and when I asked the customer support for an explanation, they told me the writer could not find any information to support my topic but only to contradict it. So they did the best they could. So, they couldn't call me and ask to change the subject?

Unfortunately, bad

Received the research on time, the writing is OK, most of my requirements met. My writer couldn't (or didn't want to?) find any real-life surveys and case studies to support their opinion, so they presented their arguments as facts. Unfortunately, my instructor knows her job.


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